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Patch notes

Destiny 2 Patch Notes Update Version 1.54

Destiny 2 Maintenance Update Announced

Destiny 2 Patch Notes Update Version 1.54

Bungie has introduced the brand new hotfix upgrade for Destiny two — We’ve got all of the information regarding the patch on June 23.

You need to download 190 MB on the PS4, the size changes depending on the stage.

Destiny 2 Patch Notes / / 1.54



  • Fixed a problem where analog-based actions demanded a complete button or activate press.
    • Players shouldn’t experience issues where they couldn’t aim down sights or fire their weapons.
  • Fixed a problem where Stormtrance couldn’t be utilized if assault inputs are held throughout the throw cartoon.
  • Fixed a problem where the Hunter’s dodge and Warlock’s Icarus Dash were difficult to trigger.
  • Fixed a problem where pressing a no more dismounted out of Sparrows while utilizing the Jumper control scheme.


  • Fixed a problem where some players needed an imperceptible boat, black symbol, and no Electricity Amount exhibited when in orbit.


  • Fixed a problem where various reward resources were falling equipment at 750 Power rather than the planned Power Level.
  • Fixed a problem where the Tommy’s Matchbook Catalyst pursuit was eliminated from participant inventories.
    • Notice: Players who experienced this pursuit removed have dropped advancement, but we’ve decreased the prerequisites of the search to compensate.
  • Fixed a problem where the Destiny 2: Beyond Light preorder logo didn’t seem in Collections.
  • Fixed a problem where the”Update Donation Ranks” Triumph didn’t correctly record advancement.
  • Removed two Legendary ships out of Amanda Holiday which couldn’t be bought.
  • Fixed a problem where Seasonal Artifact mods demanded more Glimmer than planned to socket.
  • Fixed a problem where Royal completions of this Prophecy dungeon did not correctly unlock the related Triumph.


  • Fixed a problem where Witherhoard dealt a ridiculous quantity of damage to several enemies.
  • Fixed a problem that could happen when swapping out Exotic equipment while their perks were active.


  • Fixed a problem where Saint’s Vocation Exotic boat was imperceptible in trailer and orbit.
  • Fixed a problem where the Nearly Mighty Exotic Ghost Shell was imperceptible in trailer and if summoned.
  • Fixed a problem where the Insight Unyielding Titan gauntlets will obscure the display when planning Bows.
  • Fixed a problem where the Cryptarch beacon wouldn’t trigger when obtaining the Destiny 2: Season of Arrivals Silver/Emote platform provide.

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