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Patch notes

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.9.2 Update 1.58

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.9.2 Update 1.58

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 2.9.2 Update 1.58

Bungie has released the declared Destiny two upgrade 2.9.2. Below are the complete patch notes for this particular September 8 Patch.


  • Fixed a problem that caused players to suspend spawning into Gambit.
  • Fixed a problem where enemies could quit spawning in Hexahedron region, prevents gamers from progressing.


  • Fixed a problem where enemies could quit reacting to players when they transported motes out of a Contact occasion to the Savathun’s Song or Festering Core Nightfall.Investment
    • Fixed a problem where players that finished Tommy’s Matchbook catalyst pursuit were re-awarded it.
    • Fixed a problem where the pawn seller engram advertised rewards at zero Electricity amount.
      • Notice: This was merely a display mistake; the true Power you’d receive wasn’t influenced.
    • Fixed a problem where the Cold Denial decoration ADS perspective looked very different from the bottom weapon.
    • Prestige Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars decorations could be seen in collections.
    • The”Become Legend” measure of this New Light pursuit wrongly requested players to achieve Ability amount 950.
      • It currently properly ask players to achieve Power amount 1000.
    • Redrix’s Broadsword will now be accessible to recover from Collections.
      • Notice: This will probably be secured into the very first roster rewarded after finishing the Broadsword pursuit.
        • When blending Resonate Stems, it’s extremely improbable that the consequent Override Frequency will unlock a node in your present place. By way of instance, should you want to unlock a node at Heatsink, you need to leave Heatsink before making an Override Frequency.
        • Destiny 2 comes with an internal listing of nodes that you have unlocked. This checklist is distinct from the count that you see in sport, and before the fix, the record will often be cleared. Clearing this record is why copies were so prevalent. Moving ahead, the checklist won’t ever be emptied.
        • Notice: If you produce an Override Frequency to get a node which you’ve opened previously, you should start the node again rather than deleting the Override Frequency. This will enable the inner checklist to be upgraded, and assist in preventing future copies.
      • Spider will start offering three weekly bountiesup from you.
        • Notice: All these bounties will award 10k Glimmerdown from 15k.
      • Fixed a problem where the Guardian Games pursuit was still existing in certain players’ inventories.
        • Seriously, if that Quest is not completely removed this moment, we are likely to have to speak to Zavala about the way Titans are massaging their triumph in everybody’s faces.
          • It is not too good of them to accomplish this.
            • Please cease informs me Hunters lost.
      • Fixed a problem where players can obstruct pursuit progress by obtaining Calcified Light minus the pursuit active.
      • Reduced number of Shader drops from Umbral Engrams.
  • Perks that supply energy electricity on Super activation (Apotheosis Veil, Radiant Largesse) now trigger after Super energy is absorbed.
    • These perks utilized to trigger during the Super’s warmup, but allowed players to cancel their Super through warmup to obtain ability energy without swallowing their own Super energy.
    • This shift will stop tripping these perks for”free”

Perks that trigger”on strike” were not triggering correctly when projectiles over-penetrated their goal.


  • Solstice of Heroes:
    • When in first person view, the Majority of the Gauntlets are imperceptible but for the gold cut and palms.
    • Lay a misaligned solstice shine on Hunter Solstice leg arrangement.
    • Increased shine intensity.


  • Fixed a problem on Steam where particular player character titles could cause Weasel mistakes.
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