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Destiny 2 Story Looks Headed Darkness Gathers

Destiny 2 Story Looks Headed Darkness Gathers

Destiny 2 Story Looks Headed Darkness Gathers

Bungie has been marginally more tight-lipped about where Destiny 2 is going at the start of Season 11 and to its upcoming fourth season, but we’re beginning to get a few tips. A brand new teaser trailer hit Destiny two’s Twitter accounts, revealing Jupiter’s moon of Europa and the Drifter making his way there.

The new teaser does not offer too much in the way of information, but it also plays off another newly released cinematic. This short movie, which was included with the weekly reset on June 2, reveals Jupiter, with among those black pyramid ships temporarily appearing out of its shadow.

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The Drifter is not the only person headed to Europa, it seems. Another teaser movie shared on the Destiny 2 Twitter account ahead of the June 9 stream shows Eris Morn venturing to the Jovian moon. It had been previously leaked a couple of days early on the Destiny two Instagram account.

But all 3 videos also give a few hints as to where the story might be headed. The truth is that both Eris and the Drifter are contained in teasers seems like it’s going link two narrative threads moving forward, both having to do with the Darkness.

The Darkness, much like the Traveler’s Light, is a force we’ve been hearing about since the beginning of Destiny, but it’s only really begun to take shape as an true power and people lately, with the overall look of pyramid-like black boats. From the Shadowkeep growth, Destiny 2 revealed one of these pyramids concealed on the moon, which seems to absorb mild and tries to tempt Guardians toward a darker path. When Guardians investigated the boat, they discovered a strange artifact that enabled communication with the men and women who made it. We heard those people were on their way, and that they ominously mean to be neither friend nor enemy, but our”salvation”

We know the people in the pyramid ships are bad news, but little else. They chase the Traveler around the galaxy in an attempt to ruin it, they were seemingly responsible for the cataclysm called The Collapse in Destiny’s lore, and they are apparently worshiped by both the Hive and the Vex of their Black Garden. Now it’s about to arrive, and Europa will be pretty much the very first place it passes.


Eris has been studying the pyramid and its artifact because the conclusion of this Shadowkeep expansion’s narrative, therefore it makes sense that she’d venture to Europa to find out what their deal is. However, the Drifter linking the fun about the moon is an interesting twist. There’s a great deal of lore about what the Drifter was up to until he revealed in the Tower to ease Gambit matches, and it suggests the Drifter hurried into Darkness creatures before–and his former crew felt their evil influence and ended up killing each other.

We all know of other folks who have been affected by the effect of the Darkness as well. There’s Dredgen Yor, an infamous Guardian who had been slowly corrupted by his gun, Thorn, a dangerous Hive artifact called a Weapon of Sorrow. Yor had a lot of followers, the Shadows of Yor, who also embraced the power of Darkness. And there was the Kentarch-3, a fireteam that invaded the Black Garden, wound up claiming some sort of dark powers , and turned on each other prior to evaporating.

The Drifter himself additionally makes use of Dark powers in his strategies through Gambit, which seems to function as Drifter’s way of preparing for the coming of the pyramid ships. The sport style’s whole deal is about players gathering”motes of Darkness” and depositing them for the Drifter. So it seems that”Darkness” is an actual physical supply of electricity, exactly the same way Light is–you can pick up Orbs of Light through actions in Destiny 2, like when a member of your fireteam racks up kills using their Super skills. Motes of Darkness sound like they’re effectively the identical thing, and the Drifter has apparently been operating on stockpiling them to the future–or, today, the current.

What we do not know is exactly what either Eris or the Drifter intends to do on Europa. Members of the Vanguard are leery of the Drifter specifically because of his willingness to embrace dark powers to survive. Eris is also quite cagey about what she knows, and we know she was operating with Mara Sov, the Awoken queen, on Mara’s agenda related to the Dreaming City. A good deal of the facts about various characters’ strategies and motives are still up in the air, but it seems like we’ll be learning a lot more in the seasons to come.

Bungie is supplying more information about what is coming down the pike in Destiny 2 on June 9, when its following content season starts. That should give us a much better feeling of what’s going to happen in the future, however in the meantimewe are aware that a great deal of things are most likely to change shortly in Bungie’s MMO shot –at least in terms of its narrative.

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