Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Old Raid Making a Return

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass - Old Raid Making a Return

Destiny 2 Vault of Glass Old Raid Making a Return

Destiny 2 Story Continues This Fall With Beyond Light Expansion

But that is not the most essential article of Destiny two news we have now. Now, Bungie shared their eyesight for the long run of Destiny two, which begins this fall using Beyond Light expansion. The new Season of Arrivals will place the floor for the coming of Darkness. The first Pyramid boat arrives on Io, beginning a brand new story arc, which culminates on September 22, together with the launch of Beyond Light.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light Introduces Europa, Offers a Brand New Raid along with a New Damage Form

Destiny 2 will get a brand new place. A brand new raid, Deep Stone Crypt, happens there. Your fire team carefully approaches, weapons increased, and the last strategy is put in motion”


“Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters every use Stasis in another manner, from slowing down foes using Stasis areas to encasing and shattering enemies with harmful might,” reads a Beyond Darkness blog article.

The story will finish with Lightfall, through the Darkness and The Light will struggle in a war which finishes the trilogy. In terms of the next-gen accessibility, Destiny 2 is coming to brand new consoles at launch, and gamers will have the ability to update all the content they have purchased to next-gen variants.

The vault allows for Destiny 2 to get new content whilst biking through”old, less actively performed content from the live match” and placing it to the Vault. Bungie chose to present Destiny Content Vault since Destiny two became too big and complicated to keep.

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