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Destroy All Humans Hotfix Patch Notes Update 2512

Destroy All Humans Hotfix Patch Notes Update 2512

Destroy All Humans Hotfix Patch Notes Update 2512

Black Forest Now Published a Brand New Upgrade for Destroy All Humans (2020). Below you will find all the facts for this particular upgrade on August 5th.

In the moment we just know that the upgrade was released on Steam. In the moment we can’t say whether it’s going to also be accessible for the PS4 variant.


Destroy All Humans Patch Notes on August 5

  • Fixed a showstopper linked to savegames at particular checkpoints
  • Frozen infrequent crashes, and a couple of instances of edge-case”black screen” scenarios
  • Fixed some sound problems, additional audio into the Turnipseed Farm open globe
  • Fixed rare instances of holobob cancelling when holobob goal despawns or is murdered via a explosion. The ability will last as it ought to also if the Holobob goal is despawned; and explosions will no longer damage the holobobbed individual
  • Fixed some unlocking problems such as skins
  • Fixed a problem where”New Artwork” unlocked will reveal at assignments ends even though there wasn’t a fresh Art unlock
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