Made by Halo co-creator and inventive manager of Halo: Achieve Marcus Lehto’s studio V1 Interactive, this title includes an Earth place in a near future in which overpopulation, extreme climates, food shortages, and also a worldwide pandemic have struck. This has produced a terrible maelstrom, in which countries have dropped and humankind is on the edge of extinction.

But, there’s a beacon of hope scientists have embraced a means to eliminate the human mind and encase it into a robotic armature through what’s called Integration. This idea was devised to function as a temporary alternative to a inevitable crisis.


Players will take charge of Romer, a person that has been incorporated. His duty is to take control of a little set of Outlaws who have made the choice to fight back and live. Their final purpose is to get a brighter future, one where they could protect those they care about and be human once again.

Along with its single-player effort, players can even fight across a number of maps in 3 team-based 5v5 multiplayer mode. Every one of those multiplayer crews will comprise their own personal personality and appearance, and will even feature unique skillsets and play styles.

Know more with the launching trailer below:

Disintegration — Establish Trailer


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