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Division 2 Patch Notes Update 10.1

Division 2 Patch Notes Update 10.1

Division 2 Patch Notes Update 10.1

The Section 2: Warlords of New York, Season 2 — Keener’s Legacy continues with the next seven-day stretch of this Termite League along with the demonstration of this Hollywood Global Event. Termite League issues were flashed on July 7 and also much more places could be got for the present week in order to open different prizes; such as an Exotic Cache along with the discerning Syringe rucksack decoration.
The Hollywood Global Event began on July 7, attracting yet another capacity based occasion to The Section 2. Foes will be procured by means of a shield that reduces injury from ordinary weapons nevertheless detonates to deal significant harm when crushed with blasts, EMPs, or Specialization firearms. Just take the risk to appraise some ability constructs, cause a few illness, and gain additional Season event prizes throughout the respective issues!
A fix for unlimited RPGs from the Iron Horse Raid was set up during maintenance on Thursday, July 9.

We’re still exploring options such as your Iron Horse Leaderboards not showing right info across all platforms.
The Condition of the Game livestream is going to be moving on summer break until August 5th.
The monthly program of International Events will be coming to The Section 1 on July 13, beginning with Strike.
This week’s State of the Sport has been packed to the brim with advice regarding enhancements you can expect to see from Title Update 10.1, coming on July 21. Some highlights:

Shifting behavior in order that Agents can exchange layouts even if abilities are on cooldown.
Reducing Revive Hive fees and cooldown time to shorten the wait period prior to the ability can be altered.
Revive Hive will have 1 fee at Skill Tier 0 and receives +1 fee per Skill Tier.
The Foundry Bulwark 3-Piece bonus armor regen is going to be reduced but raises overall defense health from the equal of 1 Ability Grade.
The Forge termed holster is going to be buffed to be the equal of 1 Ability Grade of incentive shield health.


Growing Assault Rifle harm to better solidify AR power during its best selection.
Firestarter Chem Launcher first burst damage will probably be significantly decreased.
Firestarter Sticky Bomb Launcher harm will be reduced.
All of deployable abilities will require greater harm from enemy players.
Booster Hive behaviour switching to no more growth weapon harm, rather it will offer hazard protection — 20 percent in Skill Tier 0 and 60 percent in Skill Tier 6 (applies to PVE too ).
All Hives’ drones will profit greater motion and traveling rate with raising Skill Tiers


Loot roster minimums will be raised in TU10.1.
Higher chances for greatest rolled loot.
Improving ordinary loot fall quality.
‘Rainbow Rolls’ on loot is being researched but won’t make it in time to get TU10.1
More heart enhancements to rolls arriving in TU11.


Area Proficiency and Dark Zone Caches enhanced to be on par with Heroic difficulty.
Clan Caches enhanced to be on par with the Legendary difficulty.


Missions are more inclined to drop Targeted Loot/Mission certain Exotics rather than getting Exotics you aren’t farming for.
TU10.1 is an interim spot involving the substantial TU10 and TU11, the latter of which is arriving later in the year. Full patch notes will soon be accessible on our forums because we get nearer to the launch on July 21. TU10.1 will even implement the lost sound for a variety of parts of Season two content. Additional details for that can be found on our own forums.
The amount 30 variant of Operation Iron Horse is currently accessible, Agents. Raid exclusive equipment including The Ravenous and Regulus Exotics and Foundry Bulwark and Future Initiative torso and backpack bits are readily available to people in level 30.
Additional missing sound for Keener’s Legacy collectibles. You’ll find further details concerning the delay .


Changed maximum Rifle ammo ability from 280 to 420


Forge (termed holster)
Shield health benefit climbed from +10% to +50%
Foundry Bulwark 3-piece equipment set bonus
Armor regeneration decreased by +3% to +1%
Additional +50% protect health


Increased minimal item power and opportunities for greater energy items for Many difficulties, Leading to higher average rolls total
Slight growth on Challenge
Larger growth on Heroic and Famous
Increased electricity of objects in Field Proficiency and Dark Zone caches to be on level with Heroic tier loot (upwards from Challenge)
Increased ability of objects from Clan caches to be on level with Legendary tier loot (upwards from Heroic)
Boost of thing power of Legendary tier loot also impacts all season caches
Moved general pool Exotics from assignment closing boss loot to assignment completion rewards
This usually means an Exotic that falls as loot in the last boss at a mission will be the Exotic specific to the assignment (e.g.. The Bighorn in Legendary assignments ) or a Exotic by the present targeted loot pool, although not a random distinct Exotic. These additional random Exotics may nevertheless be given with the exact same frequency but are obtained as an intermediary Cache in the assignment completion rewards rather.



Reinforcer fix over time intensity increased by 11 percent
Reinforcer ammo reduced from 3 to 2 at ability tier 0
Reinforcer now profits +1 ammo at ability tier 4
Firestarter foundation ammo reduced from 2 to 1
Firestarter now profits +1 ammo at ability tier 4
Riot Foam currently increases +1 ammo at ability tier 4
Oxidizer now profits +1 ammo at ability tier 4


Increased foundation length of hive versions from 50s to 180s
Restorer Hive foundation range climbed from 6m to 8m
Restorer Hive scope increase each ability tier decreased from +20% to +10%
Restorer Hive costs lowered from 12 to 8 in ability tier 0
Restorer Hive now increases +4 prices per ability tier
Restorer Hive drone rate climbed from +5% to +10% each ability tier
Restorer Hive fix strength rose from +120percent to +140% throughout overcharge
Restorer Hive range climbed from +175% to +200% throughout overcharge
Stinger Hive now increases +5% drone rate per ability tier
Stinger Hive now increases +80% drone velocity during overcharge
Reviver Hive prices decreased from 4 to 1 in ability tier 0
Reviver Hive foundation cooldown reduced from 240s into 180s
Reviver Hive now profits +1 fee per ability tier
Reviver Hive now increases +5% drone rate per ability grade
Reviver Hive range climbed from +75% to +100percent throughout overcharge
Booster Hive costs lowered from 12 to 8 in ability tier 0
Booster hive now profits +4 prices per ability tier
Booster Hive no more raises weapon damage
Booster Hive enthusiast effect today raises danger protection, along with weapon handling and melee damage
Booster Hive drones currently cleansing status effects from the participant on strike
Booster Hive enthusiast level climbed from +10% to +20percent at ability tier 0
Booster Hive stim efficiency rose from +10% to +33% each ability tier
Booster Hive now increases +5% drone rate per ability tier
Artificer Hive costs lowered from 10 to 8 in ability tier 0
Artificer Hive now increases +4 prices per ability tier
Artificer Hive now profits +10% range each ability tier
Artificer Hive now increases +10% drone rate per ability tier
Artificer Hive ability refresh improved by +1s to +3s at ability tier 0
Artificer Hive ability refresh increased by +20s to +22s through overcharge
Artificer Hive now profits +100% array during overcharge
Artificer Hive now increases +150% ability haste during overcharge

Shock Trap foundation length increased from 30s to 60s
Assault gun damage improved by 9 percent
Striker drone harm increased by 38 percent
Firestarter the launcher burst damage decreased by -50%
Deployed participant abilities take 4x more harm from hostile players
Fixed a delay between the EMP Sticky Bomb bursting and the Beginning of the cooldown.
Fixed a delay between the Firefly ability being ruined and the Beginning of the cooldown
Fixed the Blinder Firefly neglecting to blind enemies.
Fixed the Blinder Firefly cooldown beginning before the result ends if the participant hasn’t chosen the maximum amount of goals.
Fixed inconsistent wellbeing at different skill tiers such as its Striker Drone.
Fixed Particular Field Research not devoting Apparel Cache rewards.
Fixed a PC/Stadia problem causing players to be routed into the Inspect menu when trying to purchase weapon skins using a controller.
Fixed a problem causing Keener’s protector drone to become invulnerable when influenced by a hammer pulse.
Fixed the”Remove Guardians with the other Guardian’s explosion” struggles not finishing from the Guardian Global Event.
Fixed a problem where just among Lieutenant Gray bodyguards would set up their defenses from Operation Iron Horse.
Fixed a problem where players can spawn to spawn cabinets in Operation Iron Horse.
Fixed multiple cases of autonomous NPC voices struck in assignments.
Fixed missing picture for your Thermite Outfit from the in-game benefits menu.
Fixed Termite league actions appearing as finished under certain conditions.
Fixed several crafting materials not being shared when buying the substance sharing advantage.
Fixed a problem that would enable gamers to spawn yet another Javier Kajika if conquered very fast.
Fixed named NPC Alexandra”Tidy” Popov not spawning during the last boss fight from the invaded variant of this Space Administration H.Q.
Fixed a UI just problem on the Trauma Professional talent in which it says”REQUIRED” but provides no additional context.
Fixed overlooking League Timer on Stadia.
Fixed missing leaderboards from the Base of Operations and Haven.
Fixed FPS fall when launching a number of leaderboards.
Frozen replicate clan mates at the Very Best Clan leaderboards.
Fixed the inability to remove facial hair in the Barber.
Fixed incorrect texts being exhibited for its Crafting Material Cache in year reward previews
Fixed erroneous GearScore ranges being exhibited from the World Tier crafting seat upgrade blueprints
Fixed a problem where some manufacturer, raid along with other equipment set crafting materials Weren’t shared even when the substance sharing perk was purchased.

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