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Patch notes

DOOM Eternal Patch Notes Update 1.06

DOOM Eternal Patch Notes Update 1.06

DOOM Eternal Patch Notes Update 1.06

Since Betehsda and ID Softworks had declared, upgrade 2.1 to get DOOM Eternal premiered now, August 4th.

The DOOM Eternal Update 1.06 is currently available for downloading for many platforms. You have to download and set up a total of about 2.5 GB, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

Today’s Update 2.1 brings us a few match enhancements, equilibrium upgrades and bug fixes.

DOOM Eternal Patch Notes 1.06

New Game Improvements for ALL platforms

  • Weapon Quick Switch has been enabled again in equally Campaign and BATTLEMODE (Thanks for All Your passionate community opinions!)
  • Made further improvements to media latency at BATTLEMODE
  • Added the capability for its Mancubus to take after beginning a double hop in BATTLEMODE
  • Maykr Drones have been inserted back into a loadouts at BATTLEMODE bonus loot drops have been eliminated from headshots from the Maykr Drone at BATTLEMODE

New BATTLEMODE Balance Updates for PC Just

  • Reduced The Slayer’s Precision Bolt harm in BATTLEMODE against participant demons from 400 harm into 300 harm
  • Reduced The Slayer’s beginning bullet ammo at BATTLEMODE out of 84 bullets into 72 bullets

Fixes for ALL platforms


  • Fixed a problem with the Gladiator neglecting to shed wellbeing while staggered
  • Fixed a problem with all the Khan Maykr neglecting to shed wellbeing when Blood Punched
  • Fixed a rare problem in which AI became invulnerable following a unsuccessful Glory Kill
  • Fixed issues with the Cacodemon not reacting appropriately to Meathook or Blood Punch strikes while choking on a grenade
  • Fixed a problem with Zombies ragdolling wrongly when murdered
  • Fixed Baron of Hell leg cartoons showing incorrectly in certain circumstances
  • Fixed a graphics issue using the gibs that screen if Glory Killing the Archvile in front
  • Fixed a problem in Extra Life Mode that triggered additional lives to be removed throughout the Revenant gameplay chain at Cultist Base
  • Fixed a problem causing notifications for benefits to exhibit differently
  • Fixed a problem where battles would show on screen for a Protracted period if another obstacle was finished while still being exhibited


  • Fixed a crash at BATTLEMODE when backing from a personal game
  • Fixed a crash at BATTLEMODE about the Round Upgrade menu
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE where picking out a superhero concurrently would display podiums wrongly
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE in which the Marauder’s wolf did not always deal harm and burst when assaulting The Slayer
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE together with the Damage Report demonstrating incorrect harm amounts
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE that could cause health/ammo loot visuals to last after Loot Block was utilized while the slayer was chainsawing AI
  • Fixed several descriptions for BATTLEMODE Round Upgrades to accurately reflect present performance
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE where degree advancement would occasionally display wrongly to other gamers at the lobby

BATTLEMODE Fixes for PC Just

  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE which would cause the name to crash when loading into a game with HDR enabled on a few graphics cards
  • Fixed a rare crash when the Archvile teleported while the BFG was armed in BATTLEMODE
  • Fixed a problem in BATTLEMODE where enemy struck audio effects would revert to default when installing a brand new game limitation

Known Problems

  • Demon Players may fall through the ground at around beginning in BATTLEMODE in rare situations (Players ‘ are teleported back into the map following the countdown timer finishes or whenever a new round starts )
  • Demon Players can detect a dim screen in BATTLEMODE persisting through the countdown timer on the Torment map
  • The Demon Player HUD just shows the first two digits of this cooldown timer to get prompt resurrect and group cure
  • Unlock alarms for occasion and string unlock material just screen when inputting the Rewards menu or when restarting the name

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