Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild Quests Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild Quests Guide

Elder Scrolls Online Thieves Guild Quests Guide

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The Thieves Guild DLC immediately became a fan favorite following its launch on March 23, 2016. The guild was a continuous presence on the continent of Tamriel, also together with the execution of this new content players can eventually throw their lot in with all the dishonest household hiding out in Abah’s Landing. Your first pursuit,”Partners in Crime,” could be chosen in the Outlaw’s Refuge you see fit to see. The experience starts from that point.

ESO Thieves Guild Quests

Here is a list of all the quests contained in the Thieves Guild quest line.


Main Plot

  • Partners in Crime
  • Cleaning House
  • The Long Game
  • Flawless Plan
  • Forever Hold Your Peace
  • Prison Break

Character Specific

  • A Double Life (Quen)
  • His Greatest Treasure (Quen)
  • Shell Game (Walks-Softly)
  • Everyone Has a Price (Walks-Softly)
  • A Faded Flower (Velsa)
  • That Which Was Lost (Velsa)
  • The One That Got Away (Zeira)

Guild Jobs and Heists

  • Under Our Thumb
  • Crime Spree
  • Idle Hands
  • Plucking Fingers
  • The Covetous Countess
  • Heist: Deadhollow Halls
  • Heist: Glittering Grotto
  • Heist: Secluded Sewers
  • Heist: The Hideaway
  • Heist: Underground Sepulcher


  • The Cutpurse’s Craft
  • Master of Heists
  • Memories of Youth (Reacquisition)
  • The Lost Pearls (Reacquisition)
  • The Sailor’s Pipe (Reacquisition)
  • Thrall Cove (Reacquisition)
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