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Elite Dangerous Patch Notes Update Version 1.45

Elite Dangerous Patch Notes Update Version 1.45

Elite Dangerous Patch Notes Update Version 1.45

The newest update for the sport is an enlarged update that concentrates on the hotfixes for your Fleet Carriers patch. It implements several fixes including solving problems in Installations, Galaxy Map, and much more.

  • Placing a price for a commodity on the industry management display has become much quicker.
  • Players are now able to use”-” when entering boat IDs.
  • Fixed a problem that put Fleet Carriers from the barycentre when leaping into a trading platform, even if distance was current around the principal star.
  • Removed superpower faction trademarks out of Fleet Carriers.
  • Fixed the time so that when moving a boat to a carrier that the”Incoming Message” music today plays in precisely the exact same period as the message arrives instead of immediately upon asking the move.
  • Fixed a issue with stolen assignment freight becoming stuck after being offered to a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a problem positioning Fleet Carriers near leading bodies with highly eccentric orbits.
  • Fixed a problem with Limpets occasionally not being restockable in a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a problem with Fleet Carrier shipyards wrongly interacting with Powerplay control system impacts.
  • Fixed a problem causing boat inventory amounts to be displayed incorrectly after selling things to a Fleet Carrier.
  • Adjusted the manner Retreat and Expansion battles are solved: The Retreat state is now overridden if a different faction tries to expand in the retreating faction’s superstar system by challenging them. The resulting battle will still evict both enlarging or the formerly retreating faction as ordinary


  • Surface and sub-surface residue on asteroids will no more instantly respawn when re-entering the case or switching into a boat launched fighter.
  • Fixed a problem which ceased Squadron Bookmarks appearing.


  • Fixed a problem with battle bonds not being properly awarded for situation goals when more than four players donated.


  • Galactic typical costs were updated.


  • Fixed a crash when inputting Holo-Me customisation in a Fleet Carrier.
  • Fixed a crash when buying a Fleet Carrier and instantly viewing it at the galaxy map.



  • Fixed a bug which meant that chosen Fleet Carrier paint projects would be eliminated when entering an case.
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