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Epic reduce Choppa spawn rates in competitive Fortnite

Epic reduce Choppa spawn rates in competitive Fortnite

Epic reduce Choppa spawn rates in competitive Fortnite

Epic seems to be carrying the aggressive Fortnite scene far more seriously in Fortnite Chapter 2.

Helicopters were left from aggressive manners in Fortnite Season two. A good deal of players wondered why this was — it looked like a balanced automobile. In Chapter 2 Season 3, we noticed that the difficulty which Epic was preventing.

Professional scrimmages and high tech Arena suits were instantly dominated by helicopters. You would see four or even more Choppas in the skies as the zones closed, all blowing off one another in pursuit of greater placements. It looked as if we were entering Baller and airplane territory with all the Choppa.


This may not remove the issue, but it is going to diminish the frequency of the matter.

The 1 question which we have is: are those helicopters spawn places inactive or did Epic nerf the spawn rate, just. If the latter is correct, then gamers will need to roll the dice with their fall place.

Although this hotfix may be a bandaid on a larger problem, it demonstrates that Epic is listening into their own aggressive community and taking action when they want to. It is a far cry from Season X in which they abandoned the BRUTE in aggressive manners, unchecked, for months.


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