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ESO Vaults of Madness: Dungeon Explained

ESO Vaults of Madness: Dungeon Explained

ESO Vaults of Madness: Dungeon Explained

There, at the wasteland dominated by none aside from the cancerous Daedric Prince, Molag Bal, personalities are tasked with assisting Gasteau Charmond finds his buddies and escape the mortal construct of this Mad Architect: the Vaults of Madness.

The dungeonitself, is very straightforward. Players are directed from 1 area to another with every significant area comprising one boss. The last boss is the Mad Architect, himself, situated in the end of this case. It is suggested that gamers are at the utmost level or greater before entering.

Be aware that the latter-most place is only going to fall while playing on Veteran difficulty.

Although the Undaunted assurance will only work you with murdering the four big managers, there are in fact eight directors from the dungeon, complete.

This is the warm-up. The Cursed One will muster skeletal adds and assault together with frost damage. When directing Drain Life, all harm done to the Cursed One from the celebration is represented onto a selected party member. In case the party is seeking to finish a no-death jog, all member should stop attacks for the length of the mechanic.

Ulguna is the first significant boss, situated on the round platform at the middle of this first large area. She’s a standard daedric Harvestor and works as such. Ulguna has three main mechanics: a unbreakable levitation of a party member, a flame cone, and recovery orbs.

Tanks must draw her passion away from the remainder of the party whilst DPS prioritize recovery orbs any time they appear.

Death’s Hand is a Bone Colossus the celebration will experience in the next area after Ulguna. It includes the typical mechanics: a charging movement using knockdown, fontal cone liquefy, bursting skeleton adds, and toxin damage-over-time (DoT) runes.

Tanks should maintain it nearer to the columns and walls so it’s billed attack will not be lengthy. Meanwhile, DPS might want to take the ads until they could burst.

Grothdarr the Flesh Atronach is your Upcoming Significant boss. His mechanisms are extraordinarily straightforward. All gamers will need to do is avoid the lava because it moves round the stage and keep a watch out for the Tank if Grothdarr’s overhead strike stuns them.


This daedroth is available accompanied by 2 tremors mages from another room. Like most daedroth, Archaeraizur breathes flame and summons area-of-effect (AoE) harm throughout the struggle.


DPS should center on the mages first before going on to assist the tank together with the manager, itself.

Historical One

The Ancient One is a daedric Watcher situated in the Exact Same area as Iskra that the Omen. Players will experience the Ancient One, initially. Along with the customary Watcher battle mechanisms, the Ancient One has an AoE attack that’s prompted by low wellbeing.

All party members must be observing to prevent the AoE while the healer attempts to keep them wrapped up on wellness. Make certain not to create either jobs’ job more difficult than it has to be.

Iskra that the Omen

Iskra is your upcoming significant supervisor –a daedric titan that moment. While they might seem like dragons, there’s absolutely no reason to be intimidated. It is surprisingly simple to predict and prevent its attacks. Iskra has a terrible habit of staring straight in the participant it intends to recoil at.

Iskra’s two chief mechanisms are a jump assault and also a wall of flame which is going to be led toward a party member randomly.

The Mad Architect is the last boss of the dungeon. His narrative is a fairly tragic one–betrayed by his own colleague, our friend, Gasteau, and made to watch his layouts are plagiarized without appropriate credit.

The Mad Architect chooses the kind of a lich and performs as a static boss. This implies there might not be as much going around crucial to conquer him. He also summons adds (Summon Undead), such as the prior supervisors, a localized deadly AoE (Undead Legion, Claim that the Dead) and trap (Deathly Grasp), deadly telekinetic attack using the dividers (Obliterate) along with a high-damage ranged attack (Grinning Bolt).

Evidently, the Tank needs to continue to keep the boss’ attention and take as many of those ranged hits as you can. DPS will probably have the ability to stand to the outskirts of this melee range to evade his AoEs in a minute’s notice. His summoned climbs are non-lethal and could be dismissed if the party will burn down him fast enough.

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