Everything We Know About PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Everything We Know About PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

Everything We Know About PUBG Mobile Arctic Mode

PLAYERUNKNNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS mobile has published the new Artic manner which takes a frightening twist into the game’s map and player’s tactics.PUBG Mobile has released Artic style which takes a terrifying twist to the game’s map and participant’s tactics.

Also know as Cold Front Survival, PUBG players will need to think about more than just run and gun, but also concentrate on survival strategies if they are to win the match.

PUBG cellular has introduced Artic mode where players in squads won’t just face opponents but also blizzards and cold weather states.

Here are the fluctuations in Artic mode:

1. Map covered in snow

2. Player Temperature Bar

  • On the remaining part of a player’s health bar is a player’s temperature. If this pub falls too low, the participant will lose health so to how long they’re in the cold for and their own body temperature.

3. Blizzard Duration

  • At the upper right corner, underneath the map is an indicator which shows how long the chilly weather storm will happen for. The blizzard will go and come at various places randomly. Therefore, players will need to be wary of the place and potential shelter locations.

4. Staying Warm

  • Shelter does not mean absolute protection. A player will still need to find branches to create a campfire to warm up a player’s temperature.
  • Particular heat packs are located across the map and will offer some warmth to some participant till they find refuge or even a campfire.
  • Heaters, a new item, will provide a little area with warmth.

5. Hunting

  • Players can currently search chicken at the map and then cook it when nearby a campfire.
  • Players will regain some health and also have an increase in movement speed after eating cooked chicken, like after taking a adrenaline shot.

6. Drones

  • Drones provides scouting and vision benefits to some participant hiding in shield from an opposition or blizzard.
  • They have limited battery usage but may be put away and re-used if not entirely drained of its battery.

7. Snowboards

  • New movement thing that greatly increases movement speed to help players operate out of a blizzard or enemy.

8. Artic Crate

  • Inside are added Heaters and Drones for players to pick up and utilize.

Players can experience a different side to PUBG mobile with Artic mode. Focusing on survival alongside shooting, the game does not stray far from fact.

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