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Exomecha Enter the world of giant robots


Exomecha Enter the world of giant robots

The game is introduced for Xbox One, Xbox Collection X, and PC.

What’s Exomecha?Everything is happening in the world”Omega”, this world is maintained by numerous species which are fighting to obtain access to the world’s resources.

The world is untouched in the introduction of the game. However, the further conflicts you will find and the more species assert the entire world, the further the map will soon change.

This is the trailer:

Style your mech

In Exomecha you can’t just play as a human being, but also as a giant robot, which it is also possible to configure based on your game design and also will.


You have the option between melee weapons such as knives, axes, and shields in addition to ranged weapons in the kind of rifles. All weapons have their benefits and disadvantages, which means you need to accommodate them into a style of play.

The trailer also reveals vehicles like tanks, helicopters, automobiles, and also a giant robot spider.

All these have their benefits and disadvantages. The spider goes faster and has a greater rate of fire.

If you would like to enroll for exomecha’s beta, then you can do this here.

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