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F1 2020 Patch Notes Update 1.08

F1 2020 Patch Notes Update 1.08

F1 2020 Patch Notes Update 1.08

Below you’ll see the entire patch notes relating to this game upgrade on Aug 24.

You Need to download and install a total of 290 MB on the PS4 to your Patch 1.08.

With the current Formula 1 upgrade, a few bugs will be fixed and optimizations created, like the adaptation of this Xbox One wheels controllers.

  • Xbox One brakes controllers will no longer command the vehicle and camera at exactly the exact same moment.
  • In Driver Career players with driver transfers set to off may currently transfer teams.
  • Within My Team Career the automobile performance indicator will properly update when unprotected updates are dropped because of a law change.
  • Nvidia DLSS anti aliasing is currently on graphics cards which support it.
  • Azerbaijan pit construction now has right collision.
  • Venom Hurricane wheel is currently supported on PS4.
  • Team HQ interviews will trigger in the next season and past.
  • F1 Championship winner garage party will correctly playwith.
  • Multi Function Screen now shows New or used for tyre chemicals.
  • Custom race plans will no longer beneath fuel the vehicle in wet weather.
  • Some host bonuses will no longer wrongly be granted for multiple qualifying or practice sessions as well as the race.
  • Results of prior seasons that are shorter compared to your existing season will then be shown properly.
  • Fuel Assistance will no longer force the participant to use Rich combination at the race Strategy Practice Programme.
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