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Patch notes

Factory Town Campaign Update Patch Notes

Factory Town Campaign Update Patch Notes

Factory Town Campaign Update Patch Notes

Erik Asmussen has launched a new campaign upgrade for Factory Town. Below are the complete patch notes for this August 22nd upgrade.

The patch adds fresh campaign maps and a few alterations are made.

Factory Town Patch Notes Aug 22


Features / Improvements

  • Additional Campaign Maps 2 and 1. All these are custom-built maps with particular start conditions and intentions, and therefore are unlocked at a development. To get these, select New Game, then Campaign.
  • Non-sandbox maps from prior versions of this match are assigned the default option success conditions (“Construct OmniTemple”)
  • Additional customizable Victory Requirements, available during game production and in-game editor role. Min pleasure, min demanded buildings of certain kinds, min necessary player products, min things generated (even when consumed) and minutes foundation amount can be set individually.
  • If School is handicapped in sport principles, subsequently buildable items which rely on study are concealed
  • is now able to change Research Recipe possessions
  • Additional Max Base Level as editable significance on international rules. Will automatically conceal any buildable items which are unobtainable predicated on the established price of the max degree limitation.
  • Additional Max House Level as editable worth on international rules. Default is’4′, may input comma-separated values to alter population supplied per-level (e.g.’4, 8, 12, 16’…)
  • Can directly disable or enable a product in the right-click menu when editing principles
  • Improved functionality on selected construction UI
  • UI panels maintain their standing when closed
  • Some UI panels may be resized by tapping window borders and corners
  • Additional new versions for the Base to create each degree more different
  • will now display a rescue prompt if you attempt to load a new map while at a non-saved map
  • Main match menu today has different’rescue’ and’save ‘ choices. ‘Conserve’ only appears in the event that you have saved the map
  • When flashed, Tilt Shift blur is currently determined by camera thickness, not display ranking
  • Minor arrangements aren’t exhibited in Unlock Notifications
  • Additional tooltip when hovering primary Happiness screen icon, revealing present uniqueness Level, production incentive, and pleasure required for second bonus level.    Copy To Clipboard
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