Factory Town Patch Notes Update 160

Factory Town Patch Notes Update 160

Factory Town Patch Notes Update 160

Erik Asmussen has launched a new upgrade for Factory Town. Below are the complete patch notes for this August 24th upgrade.

The patch adds fresh Interface Choice, fresh Biome Chunky Islands plus a few bug fixes.

Factory Town Patch Notes Aug 24

  • Additional new Interface Choice — Object Labels. Lets the participant hide tags which hover over emphasized or selected items
  • Additional new Biome’Chunky Islands’
  • Fixed bug: Mechanical Rail research necessary Fire Purification study, today it demands Railway and Steam Engine research
  • Fixed bug: Worker Types were displaying as’locked’ from the hotbar
  • Fixed bug: Game items with double research demands were being unintentionally concealed from UI (e.g. Steam Locomotive, Cargo Boat, Steam Engine)
  • Fixed bug: Campaign flag wasn’t being cleared on exit to main menu, leading to custom maps maybe being flagged as Campaign maps, leading to unexpected behavior (such as Terraforming or alternative map editing programs being inaccessible )
  • Additional admin command (reachable via backquote key)”campaignNum 0″ that unlocks effort amount, for almost any maps which got stuck using an invalid campaign amount due to pest. Player Would Have to store and reload the map after doing this control to recover normal map performance


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