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Factory Town Patch Notes Update 162

Factory Town Patch Notes Update 162

Factory Town Patch Notes Update 162

Erik Asmussen has launched a new upgrade for Factory Town. Below are the complete patch notes for this particular August 30 upgrade.

The patch adds fresh Interface Choice, fresh Biome Chunky Islands plus a few bug fixes.

  • Additional Campaign Map #3 — takes player via Mining, Machinery, Boating, Fishing, and fundamental Railway technologies. Map is filled with big islands, therefore Cargo Boats are used to transfer goods between mining areas. A few level areas for minecart loops to assist produce all the essential resources.
  • Additional smoother texture mixing to submerged terrain
  • Items Which are impossible to create (based on custom rules) are concealed from House Happiness panel
  • Additional new Biome: Mesa Valleys
  • Additional recipe inputs to item tooltip panel

Balance Changes:

Their baseline thing capacity and default increase rate (unless fostered by Farm Tile or Tree Planter) have been significantly diminished.

  • Herb is no more sellable on its own for Yellow Coins
  • Medicine study has become”Intermediate Medicine”. Advanced Medicine and Basic Medicine have been added as new study choices. All these are equally retroactively indicated as complete for almost any maps which had formerly completed Medicine research.
  • Eliminating home level demands for selling particular objects
  • Removed Lumber Mill requirement for wooden scaffold cubes


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed bug: hidden / handicapped research was showing on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: missing tooltips on Research menu
  • Fixed bug: can split performance of House Happiness panel in the Event That You loaded a map using restricted satisfaction classes following playing a map using more groups available
  • Fixed bug: Water has been missing ‘Edit Biome’ perspective
  • Fixed bug: stretching a chute at a side direction could stall out things that were stuck in preceding conclusion of chute
  • Fixed bug: unnecessary error logging when attempting to move things to buildings which have unique thing slots Which Are also complete
  • Fixed bug — Fixing a Sensor Block with same arrangement type would render invalid references to substituted block, possibly triggering a Lot of unforeseen path item behaviours
  • Fixed bug — opening”edit principles” or”edit success conditions” menus throughout a match unpauses it
  • Fixed bug — Victory flag may last in match condition if beginning a brand new custom map after attaining victory on a different map at the Exact Same session (flag is rid of heritage maps that don’t meet present success conditions)
  • Fixed bug — Endless research unlocks weren’t shown after success screen exhibited
  • Fixed bug — missing tag on’Construction Total’ tooltip awake for OmniTemple
  • Fixed bug — with Upgrade hotkey to update Numerous buildings could update more buildings than participant could actually manage
  • Fixed bug: Transferring or putting a Home in a Industry network didn’t instantly activate goods being sold into that Home
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