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Patch notes

Factory Town Update Patch Notes

Factory Town Update Patch Notes

Factory Town Update Patch Notes

Erik Asmussen has launched a new upgrade for Factory Town. Below are the complete patch notes for this particular September 9 upgrade.

The patch adds fresh Interface Choice, fresh Biome Chunky Islands plus a few bug fixes.

Added a great deal of items from gamers’ attribute wishlists which will make it less difficult to move things across the map and involving generation zones! Here are a few highlights:

Now you can select several items in one filter! Just change +click to include more things (or right-click to start a menu, and hit on”Contain”). The product, employee, or train will pass whether it suits (or is holding) some of the chosen items.

You could even set some innovative conditions in your product filters. Right-click on the icon to start an options menu. You can now put a product as”Exclude” and the thing won’t pass whether it matches that state. You can Exclude a complete class like”Fruit”. And you may also pile these together on exactly the exact same filter — exclude or include as many things as you desire.

Likewise you can”Require” a product. This choice appears on Logistic Block filters, also can be helpful if you had a rail which must possess two or even more particular item types. So it functions as an’And’.

You may even specify whether your filter should just incorporate the Packed variant of a product, or even the Unpacked variant (or maintain default behaviour, which allows ).

This shows several distinct advanced filters working concurrently:

Be aware that single stock slots may nevertheless only be assigned one particular product. These innovative options apply to the top notch item filter of their employee, construction, or block. The sport will consider both stock slot limitations in addition to top-level thing filters when deciding if a product could be moved.

The new Merge block is the reverse of a Splitter. It will combine things onto one belt, so evenly combining them dependent on the direction they are coming from. You may also assign a particular proportion of input instructions (which means you may obtain a two: 1 belt mix, or even a 1: 1: two, for example ). It is going to automatically dismiss directions which don’t possess a input path.

In Creative manner, now you can paint stripes on the terrain, providing you more choices for your custom maps! Right now just the fundamental 4 textures can be found (Grass, Deep Grass, Sand, and Rock) but I expect to add more later. Use it to make something much more realistic (or not)

Here is the Complete patch notes:


New Attributes:

  • Additional Multi-item filters, together with the capability to flag things as packaged only/unpacked just (or both), exclude objects, need things (for analyzing employee units which may carry a number of forms )
  • More items have top-level Item Filter — Educate Stops, Fuel Loaders, Minecart Loaders, along with all employee units
  • Additional Merge block which just allows a balanced variety of things to the block from other directions. Works like 2-way or even 3-way balancer. Default ratios are 1:1 however you can define unique ratios for the right, left, and appropriate input instructions.
  • Additional Natural Resource config into the Edit Rules menu. Can change screen name, in addition to a”Preserve When Depleted” flag which, when enabled, will re-plant the harvest (or maintain a’depleted’ type of this ore/mineral) once each of the tools are chosen out of it — if there’s a connected production building.
  • Additional terrain texture painting in Creative manner, and painted past effort maps
  • Train automobiles will combine their filter using the Engine’s thing filter — formerly it would only override it. Exclude flag may be utilised in cases where participant does not need to have an item right into a train car the motor’s filter could otherwise consist of

Balance Changes

  • cannot transfer Storage buildings (barn, foundation, railroad depot, silo, crate) whenever they’ve stock items inside them.
  • New international rule:”Permit Storage Moving” that prevents players from shifting storage buildings which contain things. In imaginative manner, this rule does not apply. You’re still able to move empty storage arrangements at any moment.
  • Steam Locomotives will proceed (slowly) even when they’re out of water or gas
  • Minecarts are now able to load and load in Minecart Loaders (formerly, Rail Loaders) even if they’re a part of a jolt.

Misc Changes

  • Launch the Text / Number input won’t deselect the busy thing
  • Improved icon for Splitter
  • Right-click activities currently only count complete click down + launch (not only right-click-down)
  • Fishing ships now have a fixed top quality filter of’Fish’, Instead of an assigned Fish kind on its own stock slot machine (for consistency)
  • Train Automobiles will display parent filter (according to rail Locomotive) from display-only format in their choice board
  • Steam Locomotives display an alert when They’re missing water or gas
  • Can tap overhead perspective or off without altering build thing

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug: Screen bug where items have been invisible on OSX (by altering default images API from Steel to OpenGL)
  • Fixed bug: organic sources revealing a sterile’Inputs’ row on thing hover tooltip
  • Fixed bug: can click out of Edit Rules menu if generating new game to be rendered with sterile UI
  • Fixed bug: Object Labels could Nevertheless Be shown on logic and path cubes when turned off in tastes
  • Fixed bug: Wasn’t tripping Mining coating when utilizing Prospecting or Mine Shaft tools, which resulted in perplexing behavior and mistake messages
  • Fixed bug: Water, Steam, and Omni connectors could create items even if lively condition set to Away
  • Fixed bug: Steam and Water connectors were lost’In+Out’ access type (Mana Connectors blatantly Don’t Have this, for today )


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