Fallout 76 Patch Notes PS4 Update 1.45

Fallout 76 Patch Notes PS4 Update 1.45

Fallout 76 Patch Notes PS4 Update 1.45

Bethesda now released Update for Fallout 76, below are the complete patch notes for this upgrade on October 13.

The upgrade must be downloaded and installed together with 7,7 GB on consoles and about 2 GB / 8 GB on PC.

With the current update you will find lots of bug fixes and enhancements. Learn what from the official patch notes beneath.



  • Settler Forager: players may Once More get quests in the Settler Forager Ally.


Art & Graphics
  • Apparel: Corrected a feel dilemma for Straight Jackets which are outfitted on Allies.
  • Apparel: some of the participant’s left arm is properly visible when reloading while they’ve a Straight Jacket plus also a Gauss Rifle equipped.
  • Apparel: The VTU Baseball Cap now shows the Right logo and colours.
  • Enemies: Addressed a problem that might result in normal Mutant Hounds to erroneously display Glowing Mutant Hound visual consequences.
  • Lighting: Corrected a light issue that may happen in Hornwright Estate’s top levels at particular times daily.
  • Lunchboxes: Animations now play after launching a Lunchbox Whilst sporting Power Armor.
  • Sympto-matic: Now plays the suitable cartoon as a participant is utilizing it.
  • Underarmor: Secret Service Underarmor no more clips via Armor or other apparel that the participant has equipped.
  • Weapons: The Blood Eagle paint now shows properly on the Suppressor Mod to your Handmade Rifle.
  • Blueprints: Fixed a problem that could lead to an infinite loading spinner when trying to make a Blueprint.
  • Collectron Stations: Fixed a problem that could allow gamers to construct Collectron Stations they haven’t unlocked.
  • Shows: Lunchboxes no more clip into Show Cases.
  • Harness: Addressed an exploit associated with blueprinting.
  • Statues: Adjusted the crafting demands for your Animatronic Santa and the Snowman to ensure they match the things produced. They require circuitryvinyl, plasticsteel, rather than plastic, and glue, and the entire material costs are reduced.
  • Turrets: No more target or assault impartial drifting merchant NPCs.
  • Walls: Background can correctly be implemented to wall versions that have windows.
  • Assist: Raw Yao Guai Meat can be marketed to Vendors for Caps.
  • Armor: Endurance bonuses provided by Armor and Underarmor now properly grant +5 Health a stage of Endurance.
  • Armor: Players are now able to properly apply Mods to Solar and Thorn armor limb bits.
  • Harness: Fixed an exploit which could allow gamers to use thing mods without spending crafting substances under certain conditions.
  • Flora: Fixed a situation where formerly harvested Flora would wrongly appear harvestable when revisiting the region.
  • Headwear: The explanation for your West Virginia Drifter Helmet no more wrongly says that it protects against airborne ailments.
  • Headwear: Fixing The Quack Mask no more induces the Pip-Boy lighting to glow from a wrong place.
  • Legendary Weapons: Addressed a problem allowing weapons with specific legendary attributes to cope higher damage than planned.
  • Legendary Weapons: The Instigating legendary feature now properly implements its damage bonus additively rather than multiplicatively.
  • Mole Miner Pails: Empty Pails can no more be lost, sold, or exchanged.
  • Technical Data: cannot be lost, sold, or exchanged.
  • Weapons: The Cryolator using all the Crystallizing Barrel Mod no longer deals damage to the proprietor when shooting at the floor or at items which are quite near.
  • Loading: Combining a Daily Op in where it happens and then trying to exit now properly removes the participant from this Daily Op.
  • Performance: Implemented a repair to help mitigate hitching that can happen while cycling through things in menus that are crafting.
  • Server Stability: Addressed many problems that might cause a server to crash through regular gameplay.
  • Awareness: Enemy resistance values which appear in VATS using all the Awareness Perk Card outfitted now properly match the enemy One Wasteland corrected resistances. : Now properly uses its damage bonus additively rather than multiplicatively.
  • Tenderizer: Targets now properly take greater harm after being assaulted by a participant using the Tenderizer Perk Card equipped.
Quests and Events
  • Harness: Fixed an entry where players can skip Some of”Daily Ops: Uplink” to get the Signal Repeater early.
  • Trade Secrets: Quest goals inside Hornwright Estate now point the player to the proper locations Rather than the elevator.
  • Classic Jukebox: Audio effects no more play over the audio when activating the Classic Jukebox.
User Interface
  • Buttons: Addressed problems that could lead to the Scoreboard and Operation Report being redirected to the Identical button when finishing a Challenge and a Daily Op at Precisely the Same time.
  • Challenges: Additional a Perk Coin icon near the reward for your”Become Legendary” Challenge at the Staff Menu.
  • Daily Ops: Additional XP and in-game money benefits to the rewards record that appears from the Operation Report at the conclusion of a Daily Op.
  • Daily Ops: Adjusted the wording on the Operation Report when gamers have earned tiered benefits for this day to”no longer infrequent reward rolls accessible” rather than”None.”
  • Daily Ops: Addressed a problem that may cause the progress bar to stop upgrading when shooting an Uplink through”Daily Ops: Uplink.”
  • Rental: Fixed a list thing transfer issue that may happen after shifting to Adventure Mode from Atomic Winter.
  • Map: Exiting a planet while the Daily Ops Operation Report is on screen no more prevents opening the Map after connecting a new universe.
  • Map: Addressed a problem where the World Task tracker will open automatically when seeing the Map, even if no Planet Activity notifications were current.
  • Perk Cards: Equipped Perk Cards no more overlap non-equipped Perk Cards when two or three are assigned to the identical S.P.E.C.I.A.L. category.
  • Pip-Boy: When linking an occasion, its intentions today seem and monitor properly, and they’re not automatically set as inactive from the Pip-Boy.
  • Public Teams: The icon to the”Daily Ops” Public Team kind has obtained upgraded artwork that is more unique to Daily Ops.
  • Scoreboard: The player’s recent Atom equilibrium now upgrades instantly on the Season Scoreboard when asserting a rank-up reward that grants Atoms.
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