Fallout 76 Patch Notes Update 1.41

Fallout 76 Patch Notes Update 1.41

Fallout 76 Patch Notes Update 1.41

We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade 21 on August 4.

The upgrade is 9,12 GB in size, how big this download might fluctuate based upon the stage.

Today’s update brings a whole lot of fresh material, bug fixes and enhancements, find out what from the Patch Notes below.

Beginning today, you are able to get involved at”Fortifying ATLAS,” a two-part community-wide attempt to build a potential base for your Brotherhood of Steel. In the event the community successfully ends in sufficient supplies throughout the upcoming few weeks, everybody will unlock new and events decorative benefits.

  • A guy named Russell Dorsey considers the Brotherhood of Steel are led to Appalachia, which ATLAS Observatory from the Savage h3idhidesl create a ideal makeshift HQ whenever they arrive.
  • Russell is going up furnish collecting efforts. He’ll ask all to help deliver plenty of raw materials to assist in strengthening ATLAS during the upcoming few weeks.
  • In the event the community produces enough scrap of every type punctually, all players can make in-game benefits, such as fresh Brotherhood of Steel themed makeup, a Purveyor Super Sale, a Dual S.C.O.R.E. Daily occasion, and much more!
  • Furthermore, each time you donate stuff, you may get”ATLAS Donor’s Provisions,” that you’ll be able to open from your stock to get snacks and a chance at infrequent Plans.
  • Fortifying ATLAS will happen in 2 components: Project Alpha, beginning August 4, and Project Bravo, which begins on August 27.
  • Read our recent post grab all of the scrap collection dates and benefits.Please notice: Today’s update brings the newest Public Event”A Colossal Problem” into the match. But, we’re still making some performance tweaks and performing extra testing until we empower the occasion. We’re planning to create”A Colossal Problem” accessible with a follow-up upgrade within another few weeks.

“A Colossal Problem” is a instanced multiplayer Public Event which will take place deep in the core of Monongah Mine from the Savage h3id{e.

  • After we have empowered”A Colossal Problem”, you’ll have the ability to fulfill Maggie Williams at Foundation to find out about Monongah Mine and then start the side quest”Something Sentimental.”
  • Alas, the entry to Monongah Mine is becoming obstructed. You’ll need to burst your way indoors by falling a Nuke.
  • After inside Monongah Mine, you and your occasion partners will have a couple minutes to prepare.
  • This difficult experience is tuned for personalities that are level 50 or greater, and we urge teaming up with other folks.
  • When the prep period finishes, you may fall deeper into the stomach of the Mine and then start the battle from a towering legendary Wendigo Colossus and a number of its closest buddies.
  • Along with enemy monsters, remain awake to different dangers, such as falling debris along with a large drill.
  • Should you topple the Colossus prior to the event timer expires, then you’ll be rewarded with some loot, XP, Caps, Treasury Notes, along with an opportunity at new themed items to your C.A.M.P.
  • Do not linger too long, since Monongah Mine will definitely collapse following your extended battle. Find a means out of this Mine punctually, and you’ll escape with your life.In case you have not taken part previously, Meat Week presents great opportunities to make a few Legendary Scrip, maintain some loot, and join the community (together with Grahm, everybody’s favorite Super Mutant) to get a tasty Meat Cook. Meat Week occurs in two elements, and also you can read below to find out the Fundamentals:

    Grahm only wishes to offer topnotch fare throughout his Meat Cook.

  • Primal Cuts events start each 15 minutes in 3 areas of Appalachia simultaneously.
  • Each includes a different problem so that low, mid, and high tech personalities can all engage.
  • Make Sure to turn on your Prime Meat during Grahm’s Meat Cook occasions to maintain several Legendary Scrip.
  • Assist Grahm complete a number of activities, such as putting fires out, playing songs, turning meat spits, cleaning up following Chally, and much more to make sure his party is a hit.
  • The more effective the Meat Cook, the greater your chances at greater rewards from the occasion.
  • We have also added a couple of new benefits this season, such as strategies to craft your Tenderizer, a brand new Outfit, and much more!

Design Upgrades

  • Ammo Converter: After community feedback, we have made many improvements to the Ammo Converter.
  • We have added options to purchase and sell 10x and 100x the normal amounts of ammo so you are able to swap bigger piles more quickly.
  • Buying and selling was integrated directly into the terminal page for each ammo type, so fewer screens to click through when altering your ammo.
  • We have upped the most quantity of AmmoPoints you can save from 2,000 to 100,000.
  • Famous Loot: Daily Quests and Events have experienced their mythical loot rewards upgraded to add extra things, such as The Fixer, Secret Service Armor, along with many others, provided that you have heard the Plans to get them.An Ounce of Prevention: We have assessed the”Collect Blood Samples: 0/3″ to just need one Blood Sample in the Feral Ghoul.
  • This pursuit step often caused some confusion for new gamers and had a bug that may occasionally block development. This shift must create an Ounce of Prevention a smoother experience for everybody.
  • Signal Power: In the National Isolated Radio Array, we have eliminated the tide of robot enemies that spawn and decreased the total problem of enemies in the region.
  • Signal Strength can be problematic for new characters because of high-level enemies in the Radio Array. We have dropped the problem so that this component of the pursuit is simpler to finish for lower level characters.Please notice: With today’s update, we have discovered the Forager Ally isn’t currently supplying Daily Quests to gamers that have this Ally within their C.A.M.P.s.. We didn’t have sufficient time to deal with this before releasing the patch, and we’re working to tackle this matter as soon as possible.

Artwork and Cartoon

  • Animations: Fixed multiple cartoon problems impacting the Screaming Eagle epidermis to your Handmade Rifle.
  • Dimensions: The Clean Sweep Photomode Pose no more leads to the character’s shoulder to extend backward unnaturally.
  • Artwork: Made alterations to Backpacks so they no longer seem to sink into characters’ backs while armed.
  • Artwork: Adjusted the front sight on the Appalachian Thunder Pipe epidermis to the Gatling Gun so that it is more in-line with all the crosshairs when aiming down the sights from first-person view.
  • Artwork: Adjusted the Extra Big Magazine Mod for your Appalachian Thunder Pipe Skin to restrict the quantity that it obstructs the view when aiming down the sights from first-person.
  • Artwork: From the Wastelander Photomode Frame, Vault Boy currently includes a gun over his shoulder Rather than a Laser Musket.Ammo Converter: Now properly disappears when ruined in a Workshop or even C.A.M.P. before the participant fixes it.
  • Backwoods Bungalow: Players can’t walk throughout the Bungalow’s glass walls.
  • Construct: When trying to construct a freestanding item, it will no more flicker quickly between two snap places.
  • Construct: The trailer for the Framed Captain Cosmos Gameboard now properly faces the participant when trying to construct it.
  • Chicken Coop: Audio effects no more continue to play following the Chicken Coop is ruined.
  • Collectron Station: The Fasnacht Collectron now properly vanishes after scrapping or keeping its Station.
  • Harness: Addressed an exploit enabling players to stack numerous traps.
  • Harness: Fixed an entry associated with scrapping Assaultron Helmets.
  • Fireplace Secret Door: no more leaves behind visual impacts when ruined.
  • Foundations: Fixed a problem where base pieces can be constructed in invalid conditions.
  • Lights: Items with lights currently properly light up instantly after being mended.
  • Rustic Watermill: The generator edition of the Rustic Watermill now properly requires the participant to understand that the Medium Generator Recipe until it could be constructed.
  • Scrapping: Fixed a problem that caused crafting to utilize Junk items in the participant Inventory and Stash prior to utilizing their accessible Scrap. Crafting, building, and repairing today Use the participant’s Scrap and Trash in the following order of priority:
  • Scrap from the participant’s Inventory
  • Scrap from the Stash
  • Scrap from the Fallout 1st Scrapbox
  • Junk in the participant’s Inventory will be auto-scrapped
  • Walls: Fixed a problem where door walls could be difficult to put under roofs and upper floors.
  • Walls: Fixed and dilemma in which slanted walls couldn’t be snapped to roofs.
  • Walls: Fixed a problem that may allow walls to be flashed into overhanging roofs and upper floors, which might be employed to make walls that are floating.General: Implemented an extra fix to tackle remaining advantage cases where Daily and Weekly Challenges could finish themselves automatically.
  • Atomic Winter: Fixed a problem where preceding limited-time Atomic Winter Challenges were accessible and may be still finished beyond their end-dates.Harness: Fixed an entry resulting from reviving a different participant under certain conditions.
  • Harness: Fixed an entry allowing Bows to shoot much quicker than planned.Wendigo Colossus: Launch the Pip-Boy before being Feared from the Wendigo Colossus no more causes the controllers to lock up.


  • Backpacks: Fixed a problem that prevented players from scrapping recently crafted Backpacks.
  • Chinese Stealth Suit: The Helmet for its Chinese Stealth Suit no more wrongly says that it shields against waterborne diseases.
  • Energy Weapons: Addressed a problem that could avoid energy weapons, such as the Tesla Rifle and Flamer, from harmful enemies under certain conditions.
  • Jetpacks: Fixed a problem allowing an Atomic Shop Power Armor Jet Pack epidermis to be implemented by players who didn’t own it.
  • Lunchboxes: With over 4 Lunchboxes now properly refreshes the whole period of this 100 percent XP buff.
  • Mods: Fixed a problem where the Bow, Assault Rifle, and Brotherhood Recon Rifle didn’t possess”Default Look” outfitted on pickup.
  • Vault-Tec Supply Packages: Now properly have a burden of 0.1 lbs.Herbivore & Carnivore: Fixed quite a few meals advantages which were not being doubled correctly from the Herbivore and Carnivore Mutations.

    General: Fixed rare instance in which NPCs could pick up things a participant had fallen in a loot bag.

  • Scavenger Dealers: Will no more be downed because of radiation damage when compared to an energetic Nuke Zone.
  • Smiley: Smiley now resets right every Monday, permitting gamers to buy Bullion from him weekly.
  • If you’re within the Wayward if Smiley resets, then you have to depart and re-enter the Wayward because of his inventory of Bullion to”update”
  • Ward: We have taught Ward to stay stuck in his trailer, so you need to no more place him drifting Foundation.Performance: Fixed a problem that may lead to customer performance problems when trying to pile many C.A.M.P. items in a little space.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a problem that could lead to a server crash when loading an outside cell.
  • Server Processing: Fixed a server crash linked to pathing.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a host crash linked to outfitted inventory items.
  • Server Stability: Addressed multiple problems that could lead to a server crash through atomic Winter matches.Adrenaline: Currently employs its harm bonuses right after enemy kills.
  • Robotics Expert: no more prevents players from trading with Vendor robots.Ally: Crash Landing: Logging out and back after regaining the Flight Recorder Data no more prevents the pursuit from progressing.
  • Ally: Thicker than Water: Logging out through Beckett’s final pursuit no more generates a copy Watoga Underground Key.
  • Daily: Heart of the Enemy: cannot be replicated immediately after conclusion.
  • Strange Bedfellows: The”Total Signal Strength” goal’s description is no more cut off at the Pip-Boy.
  • Essential Tools: Fixed a problem that could stop Vital Equipment from advancing when the participant murdered the Raider Thief prior to speaking to Ward.Loading Screens: The S.C.O.R.E. meter and also rank-up reward fanfares no more stay observable during loading screens.
  • Localization: The Legendary Run gameboard’s principles sheet is currently properly translated in non-English variations of this match.
  • Main Menu: About PC, pressing TAB after launching the Main Menu in the Map now properly returns the participant into the Map view.
  • Main Menu: Pressing”Perform” prior to the Main Menu concludes loading no more puts the participant into Adventure Mode or exhibits a”Failed to locate your chosen character” error message.
  • Map: Fixed a problem causing Workshop Icons on the Map to exhibit ordinary location icons and also have erroneous functionality when chosen.
  • Pip-Boy: The Collections tab at the Pip-Boy now properly displays the player’s present traces of Caps, Gold Bullion, Tadpole Badges, etc., when first logging to a world.
  • Societal: Fixed a problem that may cause the buddies list to look blank after eliminating a buddy.
  • Teams: Addressed a problem causing groups to automatically disband following a Nuclear Winter match.
  • The Legendary Run: Choosing Rank 100 online board now properly displays preview pictures for a lot of benefits from The Legendary Run Bundle.


  • Cranberry Bog: Fixed a place near the Ranger District Office at which the participant could sink under the terrain.
  • Nuke Silos: Fixed a place from the Reactor Room where gamers can Escape world and bypass parts of their Nuke Silo.
  • Pathing: Fixed multiple places on the planet where gamers can eventually be stuck in or close to jumble and other items.

Predator Hunting Grounds Patch Notes Update 1.14

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