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Fallout 76 Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Fallout 76 Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Fallout 76 Update 1.40 Patch Notes

Today’s update has a different version number: it’s about the consoles and around the PC. You will find new challenges and new material and bug fixes.

Now’s patch adds the newest 76 Seasons system into the match, which comprises a new account-wide development system which will overhaul our existing Challenges and supply you tons of in-game advantages. Our very first Season is known as”The Legendary Run” and everybody can join in the fun and start earning rewards for free immediately after today’s patch upkeep.

If you would like even more information, please check out our latest within the Vault post or see the Seasons page on Fallout.com.


We have included a new option on the Main Menu for Your Legendary Run, which you can get to see the Season 1 development display, keep tabs on your progress, and also preview all of accessible benefits.

The Legendary Run advancement screen includes a Captain Cosmos-inspired boardgame, where you’ll race throughout the galaxy from the evil Dr. Zorbo.

Your development is represented as spaceship gamepiece on the plank. Can you conquer Dr. Zorbo into the end line prior to the 10-week Season comes to a conclusion?

You may start”The Legendary Run” in Rank 1, and also you may progress your position on the board by making S.C.O.R.E. throughout your Daily and Weekly Challenges. These include finishing Public Occasions and leveling your character.

Each time you achieve a fresh Rank, you’ll have the ability to maintain a new reward, such as special armors, C.A.M.P. products, weapon skins, Power Armor paints, consumables, Perk Card Packs, Atoms–even in-game monies, such as Scrip, Caps, or Gold Bullion!

You will find 100 Ranks to reach in complete throughout Season 1, and over 40 new decorative items up for grabs on the way.

All gamers will perform with the exact same development and reward route, so everybody is working towards the very same benefits through the full season.

Beginning two weeks following The Legendary Run starts, players will have the choice to invest 150 Atoms to instantly unlock another position and maintain its own reward.

Please notice: Ranks have to be bought separately and so that.

Daily and Weekly Challenges now award S.C.O.R.E. rather than Atoms, and finishing them is the principal approach to advance throughout a Season.

Atomic Winter Daily and Weekly Challenges now award S.C.O.R.E. along with their other benefits.

We have streamlined the Daily and Weekly Challenges you get so that they’re more simple and simpler to finish.

We have also changed the amount of Challenges you get on a daily and weekly basis that they are more predictable and constant.

It is possible to get your Daily and Weekly Efforts directly from The Legendary Run advancement screen as you’re at a game universe.

  • If you’d like to keep your eye on your progress toward particular agendas, you can add them into the Challenge Tracker in the Challenge menu. They grant the exact same Atom benefits they did before today’s upgrade.

After standing up, return into The Legendary Run development display to maintain your rewards straight from the corresponding Rank on the gameboard.

If you unlock consumables, such as Repair Kits, or in-game monies, such as Caps, they’ll just apply to a few of your own characters. Be certain that you choose the character which you need to get the reward.

Ranks are accounts jumped and their wages can’t be gained more than once a Season.

Know more about the benefits you can unlock During The Famous Run, such as Lunchbox consumables, the Ammo Converter, and much more by visiting our latest Season 1 Kickoff post on Fallout.com.

Our brand new Public Teams system makes group up with other people easier than ever, also provides unique bonuses to players that opt to play together toward a shared group objective.

We have added a brand new”Public Teams” tab towards the peak of this Social Menu which you may choose to navigate all Public Teams on your existing world, combine one, or create a group of your own.

Every Public Team includes its Team Goal set by the Team Leader, such as Exploration or Occasions, which will be able to help you to find like-minded players to combine.

Public Teams may have up to four members at the same time, as long as there’s an open place you may click one of those groups in the listing to join it instantly.

You might also start the Map to determine where present Public Teams are in Appalachia, and combine them out there.

  • Team Leaders show particular icons demonstrating their present goal, and you’ll be able to click them to see additional details before opting to join the group.
    • Next, pick a target for your group. There are now six to pick from: Hunting, Roleplay, Occasions, Exploration, Construction, or Casual.
    • As soon as you’ve chosen a target, all players in your existing world is going to be given a notification that a new Public Team can be obtained.
    • Your Own Public Team telling won’t seem to gamers you have obstructed and vice versa.
  • Multiple Public Teams of the exact same kind can exist at the same time, which means it is possible to decide on any Team Goal that you desire.
    • Since the Team Leader, you may freely alter your Team Goal anytime utilizing the Social Menu.
    • If necessary, you have the ability to block or kick any gamers out of the Public Team.
  • You may also invite your friends or other players to create a personal team on you, then convert it to a Public Team in a later time utilizing the Social Menu.
    • Please note: Teams shaped by the match’s Main Menu or from direct invitation will always start as private groups.
  • Whilst on a Public Team, you will Be Given a small buff that is themed to match with your present Team Goal.
  • As time passes, you and your teammates will kind Bonds, and every bonded teammate you’ve will include another pile for your Team Goal buff.
  • Listed below are All the present Team Goals and their related bonuses:
    • Hunting — Bonus: +25% XP for Legendary Kills (100 percent for a completely bonded group )
    • Roleplay — Bonus: +1 Charisma (+4 to get a completely bonded group )
    • Occasions — Bonus: +25% XP for finishing Events (100 percent to get a fully bonded group )
    • Exploration — Bonus: +1 Endurance (+4 to get a fully bonded group )
    • Construction — Bonus: +1 Intelligence (+4 to get a completely bonded group )
    • Casual — Bonus: +1 Luck (+4 to get a completely bonded group )

While You’re on a Public Team, there are a Couple of additional things you may Want to Remember:

  • Your Staff will probably be centered on their present Team Goal. Make sure you join a staff that fits with your interests, or else develop a group of your own in case you do not find the sort of team you’re searching for in the world.
  • You and your teammates won’t be able to construct in each other’s C.A.M.P.s. But you are still able to do that by forming or joining a regular”personal” team.
  • Additionally you can’t open doors or containers your Public Teammates have assembled without getting Wanted.

Grab extra details regarding this system by studying our current Public Teams Overview informative article on Fallout.com.


Team PVP: we have corrected the principles of staff PVP for both Public and private Teams to ensure a group member who participates in PVP having an external player no more flags their teammates to get PVP.

  • Rather, teammates should start PVP battle with the external player separately to join the battle.
  • This can help prevent gamers from being hauled into PVP battle they did not initiate.


Icons: According to community feedback, we have added a Exceptional Mole Miner-themed icon into the Map and at the Compass to indicate the Purveyor’s place.

Map: Teammate mark on the Map are expanded and revived to make them easier to spot. Furthermore, teammate titles and participant icons now only show up in your own Map when you put above their sitemap mark.

Settings: The Chat Volume sound setting is now totally independent of this Master Volume setting.

This ought to improve cases where gamers were having trouble hearing others within voice conversation. Master Volume will continue to change other volume settings, but correcting it will no longer alter your Chat Volume.

Animations: The Stanley Skin for Grognak’s Axe currently uses the appropriate two-handed swing cartoon when attacking from third-person view.


Animations: Fixed a problem causing the character to maintain the Tesla Rifle wrongly after utilizing the Secret Service Armor Jetpack in third-person view.

Artwork: The Treasure Hunter and Insurgent Hats no more eliminate hair or facial hair when armed.

Artwork: The preview picture for the Experimental Pip-Boy Schematic no more looks backward when inspecting the thing in menus.

Artwork: The preview picture for your Stanley Skin for Grognak’s Axe no longer extends past the display when inspecting the thing in menus.

Artwork: The preview picture for your Hazmat Cooler Backpack no more reveals the Nuka-Cola Backpack when inspecting the thing in menus.

Artwork: The Red Rocket Ranger Power Armor chest no more clips via other Power Armor arm bits.

Harness: Addressed a C.A.M.P. budget harness associated with the Circus Cage.

Grain Silo: Fixed a problem allowing the Grain Silo to be put floating in the atmosphere.

Punji Boards: cannot be piled on top of one another.

Seedy Shed: Allies and Collectrons can enter and depart the Seedy drop more readily.

Survival Tent: The no-build place about a Survival Tent no more stays in the world following the Tent proprietor logs outside or switches worlds.

Turrets: Fixed a problem causing Turrets which were ruined and then mended to have a substantial delay when participating enemies.

  • Please Notice: Turrets are still meant to take 2-3 minutes to acquire a goal and start shooting.
  • Planet: Removed”The Fight that Never Was” in the subchallenges for its”Entire Distinct Occasions” Challenge.
  • Planet: Additional”The Significance of Communicating,””Photo Opportunity,””Retirement Plan,” and”Crucial Tools” as subchallenges for your”Entire Different Daily Quests” Challenge.
  • Harness: Addressed a problem that could lead to a player getting invulnerable after perishing under very particular conditions.
  • VATS: Charging weapons, such as Gauss firearms or the Bow, today properly deal damage based on how far they have been billed when terminated in VATS.
  • Scorchbeasts: Cannot be flipped into Ash or even Goo Piles on departure.
  • Wendigo Colossus: The Wendigo Colossus currently includes a level 10 percent chance to spawn if nuking among its possible media places.
  • Bow: Conventional Arrow scope for your Bow and Substance Bow diminished to accommodate all other Arrow forms.
  • Bow: Bows and Crossbows using all the Plasma Mod now properly deal with energy harm along with their regular damage.
  • Grognak’s Axe: When altered using the Stanley SkinCare, Grognak’s Axe now properly appears in Weapon Workbenches.
  • Nuke Mines: Radiation out of Nuke Mines no more impacts neutral or friendly players.
  • Plasma Caster: players today Learn How to craft Ultracite Plasma Ammo after studying the Prime Receiver Plan for your Plasma Caster.
  • Power Armor: Putting a Fusion Center right to a pair of Power Armor no more occasionally causes armed Electricity Armor bits to visually evaporate from the Chassis.
  • Underarmor: Added Lots of Mod Plans into the match for Secret Service Underarmor. Buy them from Regs in Vault 79 with Gold Bullion.
  • Electrically Charged: will no more proc when assaulted by another player Outside PVP.
  • Allies: Fixed a problem that may stop the Raider Punk out of providing the participant new Daily Quests.
  • Allies: The concept that the looks when scrapping the Raider Punk’s Radio now properly indicates that all his armed items will be taken off.
  • Crater: Fixed a problem that formerly allowed enemies to attack and target Axel, Creed, and Rocksy at Crater.
  • Rocksy: is currently stationary and may always be seen leaning against the School Bus at Crater.
  • Smiley: No more accepts Caps from gamers trying to buy extra Gold Bullion once they’ve reached the Gold Bullion limit.
  • Ward: is currently stationary and may now always be seen sitting behind his desk from the trailer at Foundation.
  • Wren: is currently stationary and may always be found in her games in Crater.
  • Client Stability: Addressed a customer crash associated with this Pip-Boy inventory.
  • Client Stability: Fixed a client crash which could happen in Atomic Winter when loading into an entirely complete game.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a host crash which could occur when changing armed items in the stock.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a problem that could sometimes lead to a server crash when multiple burst effects were present simultaneously.
  • Server Stability: Addressed multiple host crashes which could occur during regular gameplay.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a host crash linked to stock items which have mythical attributes.
  • Server Stability: Addressed an accident which could happen when finishing conversation with the NPC.
  • Server Stability: Addressed a host crash which could happen when loading into a mobile.
  • Hard Deal: Now properly reduces the Duchess’ prices in the Wayward.
  • Mysterious Stranger: Fixed a problem where the Mysterious Stranger would occasionally not attack.
  • Cheating Death: The aim to”Talk using the Tracker” no more re-appears when re-entering Carleton Mine after finishing the instanced part of the pursuit.
  • Fun and Games: Transferring to match up with Ra-Ra too fast after rescuing her from the next pair of laser turrets no more occasionally causes her to become trapped or operate in the wrong direction.
  • Hunter for Hire: picking a dialogue option which has a exceptional test when talking with Daniel no longer closes the dialogue early.
  • Secrets Revealed: Fixed a problem that may cause A.C. to become unresponsive under certain conditions, which blocked pursuit development.
  • Power in Numbers: Now properly awards Caps on conclusion along with its other benefits.
  • Thicker Than Water: Beckett can no more be enticed from Watoga Underground throughout the pursuit.
  • Crucial Gear: Opting to give the reward no more skips the rest of the dialog with Ward.
  • Rustic Water Mill: Audio effects no more continue to perform following the Rustic Water Mill was ruined.
  • HUD: Curing Rad harm (through Decontamination Shower, RadAway, etc.) no longer shows a positive variety of Rads over the Health pub in the HUD.
  • Icons: Player Icons given by Atomic Winter Challenges now look correctly in-game while armed.
  • Notifications: The”You can not do this while at Power Armor” telling today properly appears when trying to perform tasks that can not be carried out at Power Armor, such as playing musical instruments.
  • Pip-Boy: Quests currently form in alphabetical sequence from the Pip-Boy.
  • Pip-Boy: While influenced from the Wendigo Colossus’s Stress capability, the Effects tab at the Pip-Boy now exhibits the description”Uncontrollable Stress”
  • Respawn: Fixed an issue causing players to shed weight bonuses while lifeless, which might keep them from respawning in places besides Vault 76.
  • Preferences: Changes players create to their Chat sound setting are properly stored after restarting the match customer.
  • Teams: A participant that has been kicked out of their group after perishing in a case doesn’t longer load back into that group’s instance.
  • Random Encounters: Addressed a problem that has been causing random experience objects like cooking channels, tents, etc., to abruptly vanish.


Harness: Addressed an exploit which could allow the participant to become resistant to taking damage from the Storm and out of accepting Rad harm.

Localization: trying to combine Atomic Winter while conducting a non-English variant of the game no more disconnects the participant for having altered game files.

Perks: Fixed a problem causing strikes together with the excessively Generous Perk Card built to deal significantly less than the planned Quantity of Rad harm.

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