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Fang Lair ESO: Everything You Need to KNow ABout the Bangkorai Dungeon

Fang Lair ESO

Fang Lair ESO: Everything You Need to KNow ABout the Bangkorai Dungeon

It’s part of this Dragon Bones dungeon DLC along with Scalecaller Peak. The narrative occurs at a Dwemer ruin where strong necromancers are functioning to reanimate the long-dead monster Thurvokun.

It must be said that Dragon sets just fall on Veteran difficulty.

As of Update 17, Thurvokun and Orryn that the Black can now shed a Fang Lair theme webpage.

There are five groups of directors players will need to fret about when stepping to Fang Lair.

The very best thing about Lizabet is she summons her strikes mainly in waves. She’s mainly a warm-up for whatever you could expect to confront past –i.e. Complex mechanics and also the necessity to listen.

The Tank should look after the Colossus in her side while still DPS dispatch her. Be conscious of her frost AoE attacks and in-ear magnificent projectiles.

Cadaverous Bear spawns having an undead menagerie of other creatures including a tiger, a guar, along with a little pack of re-spawning, bursting wolves. The wolves will bill party members and burst while the tiger will try to fight players to get additional damage.

The Tank should continue to keep the bear taunted from the celebration while they manage the tiger, initially. Once downed, they ought to focus on the bear. The kittens could be readily sited all around the stage and the guar goes easy by itself.

Caluurion is a lich–meaning he is a static boss which makes adds do the majority of his job for him. Every so often, he’ll trigger a relic about the outer border of the area to induce poison AoE damage, shocking areas, or other components.

Fang Lair ESO

Because of Caluurion’s motionless combat-style, Tanks might want to intervene and divert his summoned adds, rather. After every relic is triggered, DPS should aim it and down it to halt the corresponding result.


Ignoring mechanisms and burning the boss isn’t an exaggeration of strategy in the event the celebration is seasoned .

Both of these are a couple of knights which Orryn will increase to slow you down. Their struggle is really straightforward besides 1 mechanic: a soul will strike a random party member and try to drag them off. This assault is unbreakable but may be disrupted in the event the party acts fast enough to ruin the soul. Otherwise, this really is really a one-hit kill.

The simplest order to take these down two is Ulfnor followed by Sabina. Ulfnor is your competition using the thicker skin. DPS will have to be on the lookout for each other if the soul arrives.

Thurvokun upon departure | ZeniMax Online Studios through UESP

Thurvokun and Orryn that the Black

These two cause the most complex fight from the dungeon. Players will simply be fighting the dragon, nevertheless. Orryn will impact the battle .

At the first stage, Thurvokun will strike players along with his tail and toxin AoE breath. As his HP drops, Orryn will trigger crystals in the borders of the area to summon mobs. Tank should divert the dragon whilst DPS battles the dinosaurs and destroys the crystals.

Following this, Orryn will muster a deadly wall of ghosts. The spirits will create a line and make their way throughout the room. To avert this, stand behind the golden barrier summoned to you from the friendly NPC guide.

Fang Lair ESO

Following the celebration brings Thurvokun the very first time, Orryn will reestablish him at 50% health. From his aerial perch, he’ll rain down deadly poison blobs on the area. To avert this, break loose from panic and search for gold circles on the floor. Running them will defend you in the toxin damage.

The party should concentrate on their damage on the dragon to finish the dungeon.

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