Final Fantasy XIV Hotfix Update Patch Notes 8.41

Final Fantasy XIV Hotfix Update Patch Notes 8.41

Final Fantasy XIV Hotfix Update Patch Notes 8.41

A hotfix patch has been released during the care for Final Fantasy XIV. Below are the facts on this particular August 25th game upgrade.

The Finalf Fantasy XIV Update 8.41 is currently available for downloading for many platforms. The verification window for submitting HQ things was eliminated, and there’ve been several bug fixes and optimizations.

  • The affirmation checkbox when trading HQ things to NPC out of leve quests and Grand Company provide and provisioning assignments was eliminated.

These issues were also addressed.

  • After undertaking the responsibility The Puppets’ Bunker, knockdown consequences during a boss battle did not relieved under specific conditions.
  • After undertaking the responsibility The Puppets’ Bunker, sure boss combat consequences didn’t show correctly.
  • After undertaking the responsibility The Puppets’ Bunker, the way ahead didn’t seem when players at the alliance jump out of a specific site.
  • From the instanced dungeon that the Heroes’ Gauntlet, Trusts would stop to take any action under specific conditions.
  • From the obligation Deltascape V3.0, a few fans will stay in effect following the obligation was cleared under specific conditions.
  • At the primary narrative pursuit Hope’s Legacy, NPC title were incorrectly displayed in certain texts.
  • Incorrect contents were exhibited when talking to a particular NPC upon finishing the principal narrative quest Unto the Morrow.
  • At the primary narrative quest The Converging Light, the images of particular NPCs were erroneous.
  • After taking the pursuit Sleep Now in Sapphire, no picture was exhibited in the UI and diary window.
  • Daily bonuses weren’t obtained for the Daily Challenge: Frontline from these regions:
    The Borderland Ruins (Safe ) / Seal Rock (Seize) / The Fields of Glory (Shatter)
  • The match customer would crash or lock when gamers that have unlocked the splendors exchange talked with the collectable dealer for a Disciple of the Land level 50 or greater.
  • The warning did not appear although things being set up the marketboard by retainers exceeded within the utmost gil under specific conditions.
  • Particular Rates for items sold from These NPCs were erroneous:
    Scrap Salvager NPC at Idyllshire
    Scrap Salvager NPC at Rhalgr’s Reach
    Sileas NPC at the Merchant Strip of Ul’dah — Measures of Thal
  • Particular ground images displayed erroneously in the Footfalls situated in Western Thanalan.
  • Particular text were erroneously shown.
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