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Patch notes

Final Fantasy XIV: Update 5.35 Patch Notes 8.52

Final Fantasy XIV: Update 5.35 Patch Notes 8.52

Final Fantasy XIV: Update 5.35 Patch Notes 8.52

Square Enix and the responsible developers now published a brand new upgrade for Final Fantasy XIV.

The Finalf Fantasy XIV Update 8.52 is currently available for download for many platforms. The patch contains new side quests, new districts and far more. Additionally, some alterations are made and mistakes are fixed.

The listing of new quests, overall brand new content and bug fixes is actually long. Therefore we just show you the bug fixes . If you would like to browse the complete patch notes, then it is possible to locate the link under.


Resolved Issues

  • these issues are addressed:
    • A problem from the instanced dungeon that the Heroes’ Gauntlet wherein players were not able to advance under specific conditions.
    • A problem when undertaking the battlecraft levequest”Necrologos: Olidious Separation” wherein the things needed for development didn’t look in the right place, preventing conclusion.
    • A problem wherein implementing the astrologian activity Horoscope while multiple heaps of Horoscope Helios were implemented would get rid of the Horoscope Helios impact from a different participant.
    • A problem when seeing the Crafting Log whereas utilizing the”Search for Item by Crafting Method” subcommand causes the port to work improperly.
    • A problem wherein the entire amount of features for Crystarium equipment is lower compared to that of additional equipment with the identical thing degree.
    • A problem wherein the things Doctore’s Buckler, Qarn Kite Shield, and Conquistador Plate Belt couldn’t be desynthesized.
    • A problem wherein gamers didn’t receive the accomplishment”from the Dark” after utilizing the things Tales of Adventure: A Realm Reborn, Tales of Adventure: Heavensward, or Tales of Adventure: Stormblood.
      * Players who’ve used one of those aforementioned things will obtain the success after care for Patch 5.35.
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