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For Honor Patch Notes Update Version 2.19

For Honor Patch Notes Update Version 2.19

For Honor Patch Notes Update Version 2.19

For Honor was silent for a month or two, but currently there’s a new update! Ubisoft has launched a patch 2.19, below you can find the complete patch notes for this upgrade on June 11th.

For Honor Update 2.19 is currently available for downloading for all platforms. Besides this brand new Apollyon’s Legacy Event, you will find other new content, optimizations and bug fixes.

  • “Test Your Metal” event finally makes it’s return! Within this limited-time game style event, the Peace Festival celebration continues — this time, players are challenged to some friendly competition against fighters motivated by the Bosses and Heroes from the Story Mode!
  • Schedule:
    • From June 11th to 25th, you’ll randomly struggle from 3 factions: Knights (such as Apollyon), Samurai (including Tozen), Viking (including Gudmundr)
    • From June 25th to July 2nd, you’ll fight against the four directors: Apollyon, Gudmundr, Tozen, and many others!
    • Time limited rewards, including the black equipment sets, and items will be available through the event, please see the event FAQ


  • Visual Set Battle Pass Gears are now free to employ on other Gears regardless of rarity. This shift affects Battle Pass Gears obtained in the past
  • Increased Salvage benefits to 500 on Premium Track and 250 on Free Track
  • Increased Steel Benefits to 500 on Premium Track and 250 on Free Track


  • New Weapon Version for many Heroes
  • New Armor Variation for:
    • Tiandi
    • Shaolin
    • Nuxia
    • Jiang Jun
    • Peacekeeper
    • Warden
    • Centurion
    • Lawbringer
    • Conqueror
    • Kensei
    • Orochi
    • Nobushi
    • Shugoki
    • Berserker
    • Raider
    • Valkyrie
    • Warlord


(Changes that were revealed in the first Testing Grounds have been in regular text — while changes made as Testing Grounds have been in italics for quick discoverability. )

Centurion has suffered from several problems in his struggle kit — his offense forces a response from the opponent in 1v1 situations and is not much help in group struggle scenarios other than in a very strong ability to gank through inconsistent principles in regards to revenge-armor and binding. These facets mean that Centurion is basically forced to marvel at 1v1s before a Parry allows the cutscene, and in 4v4 gank into the cutscene. This is very limiting because of its Centurion, and frustrating for the opponent.

Here, we’ve made a number of adjustments depending on the player feedback to the Testing Grounds to tackle the demand for the Centurion to be able to initiate and sustain offense when eliminating the possibility of flowing into a protracted cutscene, and additionally reducing the situations where he’d have the ability to bind his rivals into particular death. We think that these modifications will do exactly that! (For more info please consult with our dedicated blogpost).

We addressed the Problems that were called out from the Testing Grounds together with the following:

  • Roll away from Jab — with a few minor timing changes, opponents are now Not Able to roll away without risking a GB catching them (even following a Light)
  • Light Jab annoyance — we have removed the Stun property from the Jab
  • Wallsplat does not always guarantee Charged Heavy — now in this situation Centurion should always be able to reach the Charged Heavy
  • Lion’s Roar (GB>L>L>L) and Haymaker bugs — mended

Charged Heavy Opener

  • Increased maximum charged strike to 30 harm (from 25)
  • Charge portion is now between 300ms into 566ms (from 200ms to 600ms)
  • Guard Break Invulnerability now begins 266ms prior to the attack
  • Maximum billed hit recovery duration for a jump opponent is currently 766ms (from 1300ms)
  • Minimum charged knockback has been decreased
  • Can no longer soft-feint into Guard Break when Out of Stamina
  • Improved forward motion of Minimum Charged version to 1.75m (from 1m)
  • Increased forward movement of Minimum Charged variant to 2.50m (from 2.25m)
  • Enriched Allergic to Guard Break time to 400ms (from 300ms)
  • Maximum billed strike can now be feinted
  • Maximum charged attack can now soft-feint to Guard Break
  • Maximum billed hit recovery interval for a jump opponent is currently 766ms (from 1300ms)
  • Can no longer soft-feint in to Guard Break when Out of Stamina


  • Can be now exited with Cancel, starting at 300ms before 300ms prior to a strike
  • Maximum Jab now moves further forward
  • Charge portion is now 800ms (from 600ms)
  • No longer contrasts an opponent who is in Revenge Activation
  • Reduced Stamina damage of minimal charge to 10 (from 30)
  • Minimum charge no more Stuns
  • Boost Minimum charge to 800ms until Hit (from 700ms)
  • Enriched Maximum cost to 1400ms until Hit (from 1000ms)
  • Tracking on the Jabs improved
  • Charged Jab can now be target swapped
  • Fully charged Jabs have Uninterruptible Stance starting at 366ms prior to the Strike.
  • Increased Jabs cost to 15 Stamina (from 12)

Eagle’s Talons

  • Increased harm to 42 (from 35)
  • Comfort of inputting”Heavy” to flow into Eagle’s Talons improved
  • Landing a Hit with the movement now fully replenishes Stamina of both the Centurion and his goal
  • Extended Reaction Cancel window on Centurion by 100ms to protect Centurion from Revenge Activation from the competition at the end of the bind
  • 2nd strike can now be Feinted at 200ms
  • 3rd attack can now be Feinted in 300ms
  • Feints price 10 Stamina (from unfeintable)
  • Each strike now prices 20 Stamina (from 60/0/0)
  • Reduced Damage to 17/17/17 (out of 25/25/25)
  • Improved forward motion by 1m
  • All strikes now cause Medium Hit Reaction (was Heavy Hit Reaction)
  • Each hit can currently be Goal Swapped
  • Reduced 2nd Light Attack Strikes to 500ms (from 600ms)
  • Reduced 3rd Light Attack Strikes to 500ms (out of 700ms)
  • Improved 2nd Chained Light Forged to 17 damage (out of 12)
  • Increased 3rd Chained Light Attacks to 18 damage (from 12)
  • Increased Forward Movement of Light Opener has become 1.5m (out of 1m)
  • Branchings to another Light or Heavy Attack from any Light Attack are now delayed 100ms after
  • [Bug Fix] Out of Lock strikes should now have the Exact Same recovery timings

Parry Counter (Knee)

  • A new link Permits a guaranteed 2nd Light in chains
  • Parry Counter links to Jab (used to connect to Legion Kick)
  • Parry Counter pushes the competition less far away (to allow for Heavy Finisher to reach)
  • Comfort of doing the Parry Counter and its follow-ups improved
  • Decreased Stamina harm to 10 (from 25)
  • [Bug Fix] Opponent no more activate Revenge at an unexpected time during the Knee animation

Quick Throw

  • Removed entirely
  • Replaced by the same”Jab’ as after a significant attack.


  • Centurion’s Kick and Heavy Finisher are now established 200ms after
  • Opponent’s Unbalance now begins before
  • Fully charged Heavy Finishers now are always ensured on Wall Stagger.
  • [Bug Fix] Centurion no longer has Uninterruptible Stance at the end of the Throw (such as other Heroes)

Lion’s Roar

  • [Bug Fix] Improved synchronization between the 2 fighters
  • [Bug Fix] Changed timing for when opponent can trigger Revenge Activation

Legion Kick

  • Legion Kick currently hits at 500ms (from 600ms)
  • Reduced Stamina harm to 10 (from 30)
  • Reduced Stamina Cost is currently 15 (out of 25)


General Movement


Walk forward speed and Dodge forward space Whilst locking have been increased
Eagle’s Fury
We’ve removed or substantially diminished the Revenge Lock for motions that induce a particular animation whenever they land.
Developer Comments: Moves that force your opponent into a specific cartoon when they land an assault stopped you from tripping Revenge. This contributes to several issues, such as a lack of responsiveness on activating Revenge and a lack of comprehension as to why Revenge did not activate. To curtail this matter, we’ve eliminated all types of Revenge Lock, with the exception of several attacks, in which the Revenge Lock window has been greatly diminished to make sure that triggering Revenge is more responsive.
Usually, players are now able to trigger Revenge from movements that induce a specific cartoon the moment the harm (Health Pool harm, Stamina damage, or both) has been implemented.
Here are the Heroes and motions affected by this shift:

[Adjustment] Uninterruptible Stance:

Top Heavy Opener currently has Uninterruptible Stance beginning at 600ms (out of 400ms)
Side Heavy Openers now have Uninterruptible Stance beginning at 500ms (from 400ms)
Serpent Smite (Dodge Forward Heavy) now has Uninterruptible Stance starting at 700ms (out of 100ms)
Developer Comments: Early manipulation of Uninterruptible Stance has been identified as irritating by gamers. In Jormungandr’s case, we think it is most intriguing to possess Uninterruptible Stance look 100ms following the Feint timing of this Heavy Openers — that eliminates the”Heavy on Red” possibility.

[Adjustment] Stamina Damage

Reduced Jotunn Donation (GB Melee) into 20 endurance harm (in 40)
Decreased Jotunn Surge (Down+Melee Starter) to 30 stamina damage (from 35)
Decreased Jotunn Farewell (Melee Finisher) into 30 stamina damage (from 45)
Decreased Jotunn Present, Jotunn Surge, Jotunn Farewell, along with Jotunn Grudge (Parry Melee) endurance regeneration drops to 1.8s (out of 2.5s)
Developer Comments: Reducing the endurance regeneration and damage pause ought to reduce the perceived frustration of fighting against the Jormungandr.

[Adjustment] Finishers

Light Openers now series to the 2nd Light Attack beginning at 266ms (from 200ms)
Jotunn Surge (Down+Melee Starter) currently chains to the finishers starting at 500ms (out of 400ms)
Developer Comments: The timing changes here now signify that it is easier for the opponent to parry the mild finisher.
Jotunn Farewell (Melee Finisher) Hit recovery has become 633ms (from 600ms)
Light Finisher Hit recovery has become 833ms (out of 800ms)
Light Finisher Block recovery is currently 733ms (from 700ms)
Light Finisher Knockback is marginally less far (to guarantee GB then works)
Developer Remarks: These timing changes imply that following a Light Finisher, or Jotunn Farewell (Melee Finisher), the Jormungandr is currently framework disadvantaged by 33ms. This means the opponent can carry out a Light Opener, which will definitely stuff any Lighting magician or Jotunn Surge in the Jormungandr. We expect that the changes made here will allow opponents to no longer feel disappointed that they cannot deal with Jormungandr’s”spam”.


[Adjustment] Heavy Opener
Uncharged Heavy Opener no longer has Uninterruptible Stance
Developer Comments: Early activation of Uninterruptible Stance has been identified as irritating by gamers (and lead into the famous”Heby on Red” memes). As with all our standardization on Guard Break Vulnerability timings of Heavy Attacks in an earlier patch, with this patch we look to research minimum timings for Uninterruptible Stance on Opener Attacks. In Hitokiri’s situation, we think that it is most interesting to possess Uninterruptible Stance appear only on fully charged strikes, rather than the uncharged versions.
[Adjustment] Sweep
Uninterruptible Stance now starts at 1000ms (out of 800ms)
Developer Remarks: Players should now be able to moderate to stuff a Hitokiri out of a Sweep attempt.
[Adjustment] Senbonzakura
is currently considered a Top Unblockable Attack (and is consequently Parryable)
Developer Comments: Frustrating situations with this Feat include when you get killed by it while you’re in Parry Stun by Parrying another attacker. Now, Parrying that first attack with let you Auto-Parry this. In the same way, a well-timed Revenge Activation will knockdown an incoming Senbonzakura.
[Adjustment] Light Finishers
Light Finishers aren’t any longer Enhanced and are disrupted on Block
Light Openers now chain to another attack beginning at 200ms (from 100ms)
Heavy Openers and Infinite Heavies now chain to another attack starting at 366ms (from 300ms)
Developer Remarks: The timing varies here today mean that it’s possible for the opponent to dodge the light finisher. Combined with the elimination of the Enhanced property, we hope to see fewer complaints of Hitokiri”mild spam”.


[Adjustment] Light Attack


Uninterruptible Stance now begins at 300ms (out of 200ms)

Now profits Uninterruptible Stance no earlier than 433ms when launch a hit (from 400ms)

Isn’t any more Guard Break Immune throughout the Charge portion

Developer Remarks: Early activation of Uninterruptible Stance has been identified as frustrating by players. As with our standardization on Guard Break Vulnerability timings of Heavy Attacks in a previous patch, with this patch we seem to research minimum timings for Uninterruptible Stance on Opener Attacks. These later timings should make it simpler for Shugoki to create successful trades.

Jiang Jun

Decreased Health Pool into 140 (from 145)
Developer Comments: This lessens the most base Health Pool for any hero to 140.


Reduced Health Pool into 140 (from 150)

Impale attack currently follows the Very Same rules for binding an opponent on strike as other attacks
Developer Comments: This reduces the maximum base Health Pool for any hero to 140.


Now increases damage dealt with 20% (from 15%)
Developer CommentsWe expect this to assist Nuxia become more threatening when she’s in 1-on-1 situations.

[Adjustment] Infection

Today causes a Light Hit Reaction when casting (formerly caused no hit response ).
Now lasts 10 minutes for 10 possible ticks of damage (from 6.9 seconds for 6 ticks)
Now deals 10 damages per second (from 5 for the initial tick, and +3 for every incremental ticks)
Decreased Cooldown to 120 seconds (out of 180)
Decreased Radius to 5m (from 6m)
Visual feedback enhanced

Developer CommentsWe anticipate this feat to do a far better job of forcing opponents apart. The improved harm and duration should sabotage opponents and will definitely expect to see this effect more often in games moving forward. Should synergize well with Deadly Duet.


[Adjustment] Adjusted the Bots so they’re not so defensively strong. They should today parry less frequently and get struck by more attacks particularly if the assault is quickly.
Developer Remarks: Some of the main criticisms of these Bots are their extreme propensity towards blocking or parrying the 2nd-or-later attack thrown at them. In practice, it follows you cannot sustain offense against this type of Bot behaviour, and you are forced to quit assaulting and counterattack instead. We’d like that players may throw the same kind of attacks from Bots which are useful against actual human players, and this change should allow for that .


[Adjustment] A ladder accessibility has been added at the overpass bridges resulting in each Capture Zone
[Adjustment] Many ledges have been shut off in various regions
Capture Zone A
[Adjustment] The central brasero base has been changed from square-shaped to cylindrical at Capture Zone A. It has also been lowered deeper into the floor
[Adjustment] The drop down in Capture Zone A has been improved for better response to drop input.
Capture Zone C

[Adjustment] The aluminum roof awning near the Belltower in Capture Zone C was removed

[Adjustment] Clusters of debris are removed from the inside portion at Capture Zone C
[Adjustment] The cart that functioned as a dual fall beneath Capture Zone C has been replaced with a pile of debris for one drop input.
Developer CommentsWe included a ladder for each overpass bridge since we felt that Players attempting to take back their”Home Team” Capture Zone were not given enough choices to approach. This may also allow Players to take the Central Lane route and make a choice to go up with their respective Capture Zone or proceed to the Lane, without committing to one or the other. The new modifications to the bracero in Capture Zone A, let for better navigation and weapon tracking when battling around it. Different Quality of life changes throughout the map function for greater fight-spaces and navigation comfort.

[Adjustment] Guardian Boost visual effect, which was placed on the Map near the Guardian, has been improved

Following the recent adjustments to the Guardian, these elements no longer matched with the newest Guardian rewards. Maintaining a visual impact was deemed important to have in that area, when Player’s glance into his chamber to see if he spawned.


[Adjustment] The”EVENT” playlist on the Multiplayer Map now has a timer that counts down to when the Event will end

[Adjustment] The delay when watching a LIVE game have been reduced from 10-15 minutes to 5-7 seconds (based on your network conditions)
[Adjustment] Improved the player expression of this Nobushi to make outfits look better

[Adjustment] Improved the player expression of the Warden, Male and Female, to create outfits look better

[Bug Fix] Fixed a Issue that prevented the Warden from cancelling the Shoulder Bash throughout the charge portion if the Guard Break Input was held downward
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue with the Zone Attack Guard Split vulnerability, the Zone Attack’s Very First Strike now has vulnerability to Guard Break starting at 100ms (in 400ms)
Black Ahead

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that allowed Bulwark Counter to be Utilized in unintended situations

Developer Remarks: This implies Bulwark Counter no longer counters Feat Traps, players entering/exiting ladders, ragdoll bodies, etc..
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused some Feats not to go correctly into cooldown between Elimination rounds

Tainted Gift

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused Healing burst effects to not be properly colour tinted
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Crosshair to get’Tainted Donation’ Feat to not appears when using it for the first time after being unlocked

Last Laugh

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem causing Last Laugh not to activate a second time
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue causing Last Laugh’s icon in game to not reveal the Right status

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem causing Last Laugh occasionally not triggering when expiring out of stamina

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue causing Last Laugh to be squandered right away when the accomplishment had been unlocked when dead, or away cooldown when lifeless. It is going to now properly trigger to die.


[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the sound effect from the”Castle Escape” occasion to be present in the”Qiang Pass” map
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Tiandi bot to utilizes the Dark Prince model in Random Quests
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Gladiator’s”Sweep” emote to not be cancelable beyond a certain point in the cartoon

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue caused by the Gladiator’s”Fortuna Adiuvat” helm to have a visible hole in the throat after performing the”Circus Skills” signature

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that causes the camera to lose attention of this player at the conclusion of the Centurion’s”It Takes Guts” implementation
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused”I Bring War” effect to be cancel during the Kensei’s executions
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Shaman’s weapon to be offset weapon during the touch”Ecstatic”

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Male Black Prior’s Arms”Erzebet’s Valor” to be overlooking spikes on the gloves

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the”Sand Wraith” mask result to be offset on Gladiator’s helmets

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the weapon of the Warlord’s to snap back to his hand towards the end of this”Nailed Down”
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Kensei’s”No Appearance Kill” execution not to be interrupted properly

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the blade of the”Requiescat in Pace” performance to be misaligned for all characters

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the”Master of Peace” visual effect to be stretched
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the”Messenger’s Wings” visual effect to stutter when performing free roam and battle emote

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the ponytail on Orochi’s”Benten Kozo “helm to possess no animation

[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the material on lower half rear of the male Black Before”Erzebet’s Valor” outfit to not apply properly

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Shugoki’s”Sumo” emote not to be cancelable beyond a certain stage in the cartoon
[Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Nobushi’s”Konashita” blade to be using the same blade model as the”Miyabi” event blade

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused the Lawbringer’s”Crimson Crest” Ornament material change not to be applied to the mind

[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue on Xbox One where an individual account Couldn’t purchase its own Battle Pass from the in-game shop if another account that owned it already was logged on the Identical console
[Bug Fix] Fixed an issue that caused Players changes Teams while studying D or A in the text chat while picking their side to get a custom game
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