For Honor Title 3 Patch Notes Update 2.2

For Honor Title 3 Patch Notes Update 2.2

For Honor Title 3 Patch Notes Update 2.2

Below you can find the whole patch notes October 22.

The size of this download is between 1.2 and 1,5 GB, depending upon the stage. There are a few alterations, bug fixes and optimizations.


  • we’ve eliminated all driven paint patterns! All paint slots from the enthusiast customization menu can now be set to empty


  • We’ve included the resurrection gauge around gamers’ emblems, from the widget

Developer’s opinion: Understanding whether an enemy is near getting Revenge prepared is significant information to Handle group struggles effectively, which has been previously missing from gamers’ widgets


  • we’ve improved the Ranked Rewards fall rates throughout the board
  • This impacts all of the decorative rewards which you could loot after playing rated matches
  • Colors, Paint Patterns, Engravings and Symbols are now able to fall even in the event that you eliminate a rated match. Ornament drop chances are improved, but they’re still exclusive for winning games.
  • We Also Have upgraded the unlock requirement for rewards and eliminated the reference to the seasons where they had been introduced, as a few players believed these were not accessible anymore


  • We’ve reduced the price in salvage to trigger the XP Boost:
    • 1st XP Boost of this afternoon: 250 Salvage (out of 500)
    • 2nd XP Boost of this day: 750 Salvage (out of 1000)
    • 3rd XP Boost of this day: 1250 Salvage (out of 3000)
    • 4th XP Boost of this day: 2750 Salvage (out of 8000)
    • 5th XP Boost of this day: 5000 Salvage (out of 15000)
    • 6th + XP Boost of this day: 9500 Salvage (out of 15000)



  • We corrected the Quantity of time it requires gamers to Get control of their character’s motion in the end of the opening cinematic across all Dominion maps



  • The drop-bridge directly linking Capture Zones C and A is presently a non-lethal fall. A stage has been inserted under
  • The pit Capture Zone C was shut off and today allows navigation round it. The visual aesthetic of the space was modified to reflect this shift


  • The camera angle on the podiums was upgraded to present a far more lively angle. Several podium places across distinct channels have been relocated for greater decorative framing
  • We’ve upgraded the rules for showing joining/leaving game alarms to make sure you only get applicable messages:
    • You may only receive notifications about other gamers joining or departing when the game is currently in advance
    • After leaving a game, you will just get a confirmation message which you just left the session
  • We’ve merged the management icons at the transfer set to Create right or left instructions moves longer readable
  • We’ve included an option in Custom Match that Permits You to deactivate the occasion content on your Custom Games




  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Kensei’s dodge shadow not to have the suitable visual.FEATS



    • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue that caused Pikeman not to respawn correctly in certain situations


    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that may lead players to input matchmaking using a group larger than the game style limitation


    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that led to the Navigation of this War Map to set up war resources using a control hopeless (FH-480)
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that led to the Shaolin’s”I’m Fine!” Emote unlock state to be fictitious (FH-519)
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Warmonger’s decoration thumbnail to be lost or be corrupt on reward display after finishing Apprentice Trials and Warriors Trials (FH-349)
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused Officers from Breach to have the incorrect colour customization for the team leader (FH-483)



    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Storied Orders not to be finished in certain game modes (FH-518)
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