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Patch notes

For Honor Update Version 2.23 Patch Notes TU 2.22.0

For Honor Update Version 2.23 Patch Notes TU 2.22.0

For Honor Update Version 2.23 Patch Notes TU 2.22.0

Ubisoft released a new upgrade for For Honor today. Below you can find the whole patch notes September 17.

The size of this download is between 1.7 and 2 GB, depending upon the stage.

With the current patch, the newest Belvedere map has been included and you will find developments and bug fixes.


Once entering a Wu Lin pavilion, an Individual may detect a Belvedere using a panoramic view. Time to duel in this new map!

Developer’s Comment: Time to deliver your hero’s customization to another level! No longer distinctions involving Attacker, Defender or Neutral colors: now you can wear any colour palette you need, whichever group you’re in!

To encourage this upgrade, we have made significant changes to the User Interface. You will always be at the blue group after this patch. This smoothens identification: gloomy components are constantly your team’s; orange components are always the enemies’. We have added an outline for your teammates so that you can place them at the blink of an eye on the battle and plan your next moves.

Please see our website article for additional information on this upgrade!

  • Removed the Neutral/Attacker/Defender colour palettes tabs. All colour palettes can be found in precisely the exact same page and may be utilised in almost any game mode, whichever group you’re in. The impartial customization of every loadout will be retained when the patch is published
  • You may now be from the blue group from now on, even when you’re enjoying Attackers
  • Additional a summary for your teammates, observable at all times. This outline could be turned off at the User Interface alternative
  • Teammates’ titles are constantly exhibited onscreen
  • Health bars are now team colored
  • Enemies detailed information (Name, Health, Stamina) is only exhibited when engaged in a struggle together
  • players revealed by Feats or the Oracle Offering at Tribute will be exhibited as team colored outline and fulfill
  • players bearing Offerings in Tribute or the War Banner in Breach will then be exhibited with a team coloured flashing fill
  • altered the default colour for non-customized personality to”Radioactive Decay”. The”Exotic” palette will Nevertheless Be unlocked by default



  • Replaced all dodges effects using a brand new”dodge shadow impact” for many Heroes
  • Each of the Heroes have their own foundation avatar whenever they pinpointed



Grab Zone A

  • The rear staircases leading to the zone have now been doubled in diameter Together with the expansion of the capture zone place itself, which eliminates the route that ran behind
  • A brasero has been inserted in the middle of the Capture Zone region, which will shield players from your Ballista

Catch Zone C

  • The whole 2nd floor is no more a part of Capture Zone C anymore. Rather, the 1st floor today is, and continues to be expanded substantially
  • The exterior balcony area has been reduced in dimension
  • The inside staircases Resulting in the outside balcony space (from spawn) have been enlarged by 0.5m
  • Ziplines have been inserted at every tower, into the left and from this 2nd floor Ballista, linking to the Reduced Ruins
  • Ballista sightlines have been tweaked


  • The duel stadium located in the Defender Courtyard was transferred into the 1st floor of the Tower Interior
  • The trap door situated on the Exterior roof of this tower has been eliminated


  • The brawl stadium has been transferred from the Tower into the Defender Courtyardr

Developer’s Comment: Sentinel is the map which introduced Ballistas to PvP gameplay For Honor. Its initial design goal was to increase using this Ballistas on the battle. Even though it provided an extremely distinctive experience in comparison to other avenues, it over-relied on camping navigation and strategies between goals became secondary. With this upgrade we desired to bring ease and speed of navigation between goals back to the forefront. It was not our intention to just get rid of the Ballistas but also make them less appealing as a principal strategy.


Catch Zone A wasn’t just among the tiniest Capture Zones from the sport but also among the most hazardous ones, using a notable ledge and in direct line-of-sight in a Ballista. The trunk area of the zone has been likewise quite underutilized. The open area permits Players to additional distance themselves from the ledge and provides added cover in the opposing Ballista. Another significant change is the run-distances involving the Mid-Lane and Capture Zone C have been shortened substantially by shifting the catch area into the whole first floor. Which consequently, no longer enables players to socialize with all the ballista on the 2nd floor whilst still holding the zone. Our purpose is to get the Ballista be a option to consider rather than a default activity. Up until today, people that had been utilizing the ballista however no longer had some aims in sight, felt trapped to the 2nd floor with no simple ways to proceed to some other place. This is the place where the recently added ziplines be convenient. Enjoy!

  • Removed the doors in the entry into the Tomb in Capture Zone A
  • Replaced the position torches close to Both outside columns with wall mounted torches


  • Closed off a ledge on the deck of this Trireme (Mid-lane). Dominion just


Catch Zone C

  • The stairs entry, coming in the Attacker spawn, continues to be doubled in diameter
  • The True zone has also been expanded into the dual-entry corridor


  • All Bots should now have enhanced Stamina management behaviours when battling from the street, stopping to recover Stamina prior to heading from Stamina and, even if Out of Stamina, waiting to possess Stamina again before restarting their strikes


  • Reduced the Quantity of positioning matches into 8 (from 15)
  • Orders are now obtainable from the pause menu. The LB shortcut on Earth Map remains busy

Developer’s Opinion: We have made contracts available from everywhere, as it could be practical to have a reminder of everything you have do to finish your currently chosen postings before or even during a game. Please note that Orders won’t advance in the menu as a match is continuing as the upgrade is completed in the conclusion of the match.

  • Improved the Podium User Interface to better showcase participant’s names and emblems
  • Added new icons for gamers over Standing 100 and Reputation 1000



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused many Heroes Feint visual impact to be lost or have very low visibility



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Warden’s Side Light Combo cartoon to bypass a few frames


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Hitokiri’s”Rei Kick” to be undodgeable when the kick is completed on the right following a mild attack


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed an inconsistency that triggered Centurion’s completely charged Jab following a significant Finisher to have a tighter dodge window compared to planned


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem where Shugoki’s Guard Break counter window has been 200ms instead of 300ms



  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue in Duel that enabled players to pass through flame


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused some Modifiers not to be exhibited in the User Interface


  • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Hitokiri to become overlooking attempt grunts on Specific movements
  • [Bug Fix] Fixed issue that caused a white flash when opening and shutting the societal menu through the faceoff


    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Warden’s”Vengeful Instigator Helm” to be marginally counter
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused the Shaolin”Qiongqi Chest” side pads to maneuver
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that caused “Horkos Sigil” result not to play correctly
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that trigger the Hitokiri’s”Kamaitachi” implementation to be overlooking visual impacts
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that trigger the Nobushi’s”Snapmare” implementation to be counter
    • [Bug Fix] Fixed a problem that trigger the Valkyrie”Get the Horn” implementation to be counter
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