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Fortnite bug is randomly sending people into the storm

Fortnite bug is randomly sending people into the storm

Fortnite bug is randomly sending people into the storm

Fortnite Season 4 introduced a couple of new mechanisms into the match, which definitely caused several new bugs. It required gamers around a week to diagnose a number of the greatest problems with the most recent patch, and it is a fantastic thing when you consider it. The issues were not so glaring that gamers noticed all of them on day one.

We have covered an exploit which enables teams to utilize an infinite number of hero skills , but that sounds similar to an overlooked mechanic as opposed to a full-scale insect.

Fortnite players are receiving randomly delivered deep into the storm whilst fighting a person. The bug appears to randomly activate, and it yeets players so profound they have zero possibility of regaining.


This illustration is just one of the more intense ones which we have seen, however it is not the sole clip. There are just three or four of them about the r/FortniteBR subreddit, and nobody appears to know just what is going on.


The major theory encompassing this glitch has to do with all the Groot Baller. Players are stating that the knock-back impact on this merchandise is sending players much away when originally triggered.

Though we can not know for certain, this concept is reasonable since the glitch only appears to occur when two players are at the top of one another.

With an upgrade anticipated next week, we will probably be dealing with this before September 21 — judging from the normal Fortnite patch program.

There is nothing we could do about this bug besides to increase consciousness. Be cautious”barrel stuffing” your competitors — particularly in the event that you are aware they have the Groot Baller. Stay safe, players!

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