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Fortnite concept gives doorbells a practical purpose

Fortnite concept gives doorbells a practical purpose

Fortnite concept gives doorbells a practical purpose

They are there, however, serve no practical function aside from providing Epic a method to offer you a set of annoying challenges. It is among the harder challenges to finish because it takes you to think about your struggles within a winning approach.

Doorbells are totally useless if these struggles are not active. It is possible to troll a enemy who’s hiding inside of a home, however ringing the doorbell will not offer you any benefit. Reddit consumer u/Fort_power published a theory into the r/FortniteBR subreddit that could alter this. In his theory, doorbells would permit you to indicate a participant for five minutes.


Chapter two has brought the notion of players into the forefront. We’ve got LTMs which permit you to mark players together with in-game mechanisms such as the Shakedown and Flare Gun. Because this is the situation, this doorbell notion would fit directly into the match.

The first portion of the idea is sound, but also the capability to get a doorbell and take it with you looks somewhat unnecessary. We have the Flare Gun, that will sets and damage constructions on fire together with revealing player places. No, one would take a doorbell within a Flare Gun.

We adore the overall notion of providing doorbells a sensible usage in Fortnite, nevertheless. Epic has taken several player hints and theories into consideration before, and we expect they do exactly the same for this one.

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