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Fortnite Details Patch Notes 2.87 Update 14.20

Fortnite Details Patch Notes 2.87 Update 14.20

Fortnite Details Patch Notes 2.87 Update 14.20

Epic Games launched a brand new Fortnite upgrade a couple of minutes ago. We’ve got all appropriate info regarding this game upgrade on September 23.

About the Playstation 4 you need to download 2,7 GB, The dimensions may change based upon the stage.

The patch notes haven’t yet been published by Epic. Here Is What we discovered on Trello:

Confront Weapon X profound in Weeping Woods, take him out and push through your competitors using all the Wolverine’s Claws mythic power. As with other directors on the map, he still will not go down without a struggle.

Earn points by shooting and holding outposts at a brand new Marvel-themed game style. Throughout your Isle domination, you are going to begin with a random main superpower and watch comets in the skies falling more forces of types to construct your ideal loadout.

BTS will premiere a unique dynamite movie 9/25 @ 8 PM ET. Keep eyes on our statement site for the latest information for content creators.


Particular birthday-themed programs are lined up this weekend to observe Fortnite’s third birthday. More challenges to make XP, brand new rewards, and cake.

Llama-Rama Begins September 26

Perform Rocket League to unlock things such as both Rocket League and Fortnite.

  • Fixed a problem in which setting a map mark cancels movement.
  • Fixed a problem where replays not rescuing on PlayStation 4.
  • Addressed a bug in which fishing Areas can evaporate on PC with consequences set to Low.
  • Addressed a bug where personalities Park and Ghost House do not count as Discovered Locations after finding them.

Creative manner

  • Fixed a problem where grass isn’t eliminated when putting objects on the floor.
  • Addressed a bug in which a few players never allowed items after first round in certain group matches.

Save Your World

  • Fortnite 2.87 fixed a problem where redline Ramirez’s Commander Perk does not work properly with billed Sniper Rifles.


  • Inconsistent Fishing Position prominence on Nintendo Switch and Android.
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