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Fortnite Device Event theory points to The Visitor return

Fortnite Device Event theory points to The Visitor return

Fortnite Device Event theory points to The Visitor return

We’ve seen a ton of leaks concerning the now-delayed Fortnite Device Event, such as rumors it will trigger an entire flood of the map ahead of Chapter 2 Season 3. Despite the several leaks, we don’t know precisely what will occur.

The PlayStation Store’s ancient launch of this Fortnite Season 3 promotional picture includes a great deal of people speaking. It’s a small leak, however, one opens the door to a slew of possibilities including several Season 9 references along with a potential SpongeBob crossover.

With this theory, we’re looking back to Season 9 and The Visitor. We are going to begin with Season 9. Reddit user u/Racoco802 believes there’s something else, too: a picture of a dam breaking. The only dam that we have seen in Fortnite is Hydro Dam, out of Misty Meadows.


He cites”triggering the device” in his recordings. Until today we assumed that this device was the key Rift Beacon from Season X. Now, it feels like that the Device could be the Doomsday Device — especially with the title of the new event.

The theory claims that The Visitor and/or The Scientist will enter the Chapter two map by means of a rift through the Device Event, triggering the dam to break and the map to flooding.

Actually, the Visitor’s entry may answer the question of where he moved when he originally left the Chapter 1 map. He could have hit the Rift and hauled to the Chapter 2 map, where we find himtoday.

This concept isn’t perfect, but the inclusion of this Visitor is an interesting idea. We’ll undoubtedly see him return to Fortnite Chapter two in some point and mentioning”the device” makes this event as great a time as any.

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