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Fortnite Epic address multiple Chug Splash bugs

Fortnite Epic address multiple Chug Splash bugs

Fortnite Epic address multiple Chug Splash bugs

Fortnite is not unique in this aspect. Most other constantly-evolving titles have exactly the exact same issue.

No one anticipated Fortnite Season 3 to discharge bug-free. There are not any glaring game-breaking bugs using the upgrade, however there are a number of tiny problems which will need to be dealt with.

Chug Splashes were one of the coming items in Fortnite Season 3, and they are also among those buggies. We have seen many reports of Chug Splash-related issues on the r/FortniteBR and r/FortniteCompetitive subreddits. Epic have responded to those posts together with the reassurance that they are working on a fix.


Among those rarer issues is that the Chug Splash just curing for 1 HP. Gamers have encountered this a couple days, and one participant posted a chunk of this insect on Reddit.

Community Coordinator, EmptyTux, commented on this particular article and stated he’d send it to the QA group for evaluation. This is not the sole Chug Splash insect that gamers have struck, however. We are also seeing problems for this item, when utilized at a bush or in water.

At the moment, the matter with using Chug Splashes in bushes is recorded as”adjusted in the next game upgrade” about the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board. Let us hope the remainder of them are fixed in the following area, too. Chug Splashes offer you a number of the greatest recovery in Fortnite. It will be a pity for them to be bugged for more than a couple weeks.


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