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4 new Fortnite LTMs leaked: Tank Battles, Payback And more

Fortnite LTMs leaked: Tank Battles Payback And more

Fortnite LTMs leaked: Tank Battles Payback And more

One of the most important complaints from Fortnite players during 2 Seasons 1 and 2 has been the absence of an LTM rotations. We saw regular LTM modifications in Chapter 1, which has been left for its first two seasons of Fortnite’s next chapter. In reality, a return to LTMs has been on peak of the list for several players entering Season 3.

We saw how hot LTMs could be if Epic brought them back to the Summer Smash occasion. Unvaulted was among the most treasured Fortnite sport modes in recent memory.


With the launch of v13.30, nevertheless, Fortnite information miners discovered new LTM strings from the game files. Hypex tweeted four brand new LTMs which need to be coming to Fortnite in the not too distant future. Inside each file proved to be a short outline, giving us an notion about what these manners will comprise.


  • Tank Battle: Ranked Steal Shields from Different Players. Get payback On players that are marked.


From those four of them, Payback appears to be the most fascinating. The remainder of these can be dependent upon group dimensions, but they seem to be unbelievably fun too.

4 new Fortnite LTMs leaked: Tank Battles, Payback & more ...

Epic have observed the positive feedback once it has to do with their LTM rotation and therefore are definitely devoted to expanding their offerings. The more game modes, the more the greater — in our view. We’ll keep you posted when we know more about if these LTMs will arrive at the game.

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