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Fortnite players are using these trickshot strategies to rotate

Fortnite players are using these trickshot strategies to rotate

Fortnite players are using these trickshot strategies to rotate

Rotating in aggressive Fortnite has gone through a slew of iterations. We had the times of this Baller, the Shockwaves, the Shadow Bombs, also, needless to say, that the post-Launch Pad elimination days when folks would only have an unspoken truce while they walked into another ring.

Players are constantly looking for a secure and reliable means to make it into another zone without getting taken. For a little while, the very best approach to do this is using the short-pad. This entails constructing a ramp within a Launch Pad so it absorbs you straight instead of to the atmosphere.

trickshot strategies

With the accession of Crash Pads to the aggressive loot pool, however, players are starting to use them together with Launching Pads to leap farther while staying safe. This is 1 case from YouTuber OrangeGuy, even though there are simpler variations to pull away.


OrangeGuy got some flack for this particular tweet from players that stated”trick-shooters were doing so because Crash Pads came out” That is true — they’ve been — but they have been utilizing the plan in a far flashier way.

Now, aggressive players may use the plan — to not hit mad shots but to proceed to another zone. Following is a far simpler and faster way to utilize this strategy compared to that which OrangeGuy showcased.

We are certain that experts will continue to innovate this approach — as always — and we will be here to showcase a few of the more interesting versions. Until we necessarily find a new one — this approach is just one of the greatest approaches to make it into another zone in a rush.


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