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Fortnite pros calling out Epic Games for failing to pay them

Fortnite pros calling out Epic Games for failing to pay them

Fortnite pros calling out Epic Games for failing to pay them

Epic Games isalso, yet more, under some fire from Fortnite experts who claim to haven’t received payment for Fortnite tournaments. What is more, a few content creators are coming out and stating they have not obtained their Support-A-Creator (SAC) earnings.

This is not the first time that we have covered Epic Games’ payment problems. Last June, Epic reacted to a favorite Reddit ribbon where aggressive Fortnite players and experts whined about failing to get their prize money — often a few months or maybe a year old.

1 year after and we appear to be back where we began. Last weekwe watched a second Reddit thread blow up on precisely the exact same topic, revealing tweets out of PWR Repulse and Liquid Cented, asserting that Epic owes them thousands of dollars.

Considering that the ribbon got so much focus, Fortnite YouTuber, ThatDenverGuy, did a little more digging on the subject and discovered several more specialist and aggressive Fortnite players that have not been compensated. A number of these players claim to have gone through the appropriate channels — something which Epic said when the initial situation happened.


The greatest revelation in the movie could be that Epic have not paid some of their Creator Code earnings they owe. YouTubers Landon (3.26 million readers ) and SkyDiverge (2.53 million readers ) both achieved and advised ThatDenver Guy which Epic owes them to get their Creator Code earnings.

Since ThatDenverGuy notes from his movie, a number of those SAC earnings were produced through illegitimate means like carrying a favorite participant’s name and penalizing their youthful audiences. It is hard to tell whether these SAC problems are associated with the alleged”unethical way” which TDG mentions.

The previous time a story such as this frees up, Epic reacted and was fast to pay-out a few of the men and women that were owed money. They explained that their strategy and made it a lot easier for a few of the experts to obtain back-pay to their own winnings. Repulse has deleted his first tweet and stated,”ily @FNCompetitive” on June 23, indicating that he finally got his payment.

We ought to mention that a number of these problems are just asserts on Twitter and do not have evidence attached to them. We do not know whether each one these players went through the appropriate actions to get payment, outlined here. We have some high-profile experts and content creators speaking out on the subject, however.

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