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Fortnite Season 3 Easter Eggs 5 secret

Fortnite Season 3 Easter Eggs 5 secret

Fortnite Season 3 Easter Eggs 5 secret

Fortnite Season 3 is still youthful, and gamers are continuing to find new areas to land. As we research the map, we detect a couple of details that can get overlooked. Tell us if you find more!

Fans of this Yacht were pleased to find it made it through the flooding. It’s, after all, a ship.

The Yacht went through several huge changes, nevertheless. It is no more the party hub which it was in Season two. Now, it is more of a washed-up distribution boat. Deadpool’s mark may nevertheless be observed on the ship, however.

Deadpool’s influence on The Yacht goes, deeper, nonetheless. Should you venture inside to one of those key rooms, you will come across a shrine to Deadpool, complete with chairs for people who arrived to pay their respects.

Optimus Prime

For people who don’t understand, Optimus Prime was the name given to the truck that was adjacent to the RV Park (involving Retail and Lonely) during November 1. Not lots of men and women are aware that the structure really made it in to Chapter two.

For Seasons 1 and 2, you can see the surface of the construction sticking out of the water, off the shore of Sweaty Sands. It kept some of its own form for its first two seasons however, is now in ruins beneath the ocean. We expect to see it appear following the water levels go down, but that may be the last we see of our older friend.

The Golden Chair

Sure, Midas could have been eaten by a shark at the start of Season 3, but it does not indicate that his sway within the island has ended. Individuals who paid close attention will probably recall Midas’ Golden Chair from Season two — and that is still in play.


The Chair was about the go to get a fantastic part of the season. It began at The Agency until it had been eliminated — maybe stolen — and place into transit onto a kayak and truck. Finally, the seat ended up in Salty Springs.

Someone needed to hang on the seat, however. You May locate the Golden Chair in among those storage boxes in the No Sweat construction between Frenzy Farm and Dirty Docks.

2. Toiletman

The latter was a little more interesting to follow along, since he trekked his way throughout the map and found a place to rest ahead of the flooding took over.

These two may be gonebut a new personality will emerge in the flooding: Toiletman. You’ll discover this pieced-together bathroom statue at the south of this map. Hopefully, he will provide another little story to follow Season 4 and 3.

1. Peace prevails

but a lot of you followed along with all the key challenges for the entire year.

From the conclusion of the year, we managed to broker a truce between the rival factions. Happily, that serenity survived the flooding and spilled into Season 3. Their principal hub is to a raft into the south of Sweaty Sands, in which the groups could be viewed sunbathing, playing games, and enjoying the view.

There are a great deal of added Easter Eggs round the brand new Fortnite map, waiting for us to find. There are some details we did not comprise, here, such as references to old Batman and Jaws. Keep your eyes peeled for longer as the season proceeds as well as the water recedes.

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