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Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals vehicle stats

Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals vehicle stats

Fortnite Season 3 leak reveals vehicle stats

We began with the ship, then enlarged to the helicopter, and may hook Sharks and utilize them for transport. In Season 3, fans were hoping to find automobiles enter the match, and we ought to be inviting them to Fortnite, shortly.

We could assume, then, the water level will continue to reduce week until the streets are clear for automobiles to emerge.

We have seen bits and bits of information about automobiles trickle , but July 6 showed the most extensive details regarding automobiles thus far. Let us begin with auto types and additional information about petrol pumps.

We knew the overall automobile kinds coming into Fortnite, but this new information gives us the recorded names. What’s more, it tells us a great deal about the way that fuel will operate when automobiles are added. According to the picture, you will have the ability to drag the nozzle a substantial distance away from the pump.


As intriguing as it is, it is somewhat perplexing. Past reports had it that gas are an ammo type, indicating that we can carry it on our participant. This brand new escape points to the necessity to see a pump whilst at the match.

That is not all these escapes provided us. We know that automobiles will start to leak gas when gamers take themwhich makes sense for a game mechanic. Here is all the info regarding fuel consumption, increase, and much more for every car type.

Cars appear to be among the more complex Fortnite vehicles which Epic have added. The mechanisms we have seen previously, mostly, relate to durability and freedom. Automobiles will have all that and then some.

There is still a great deal to learn about automobiles — many of that we won’t understand till they come in the game. Until then, this provides us almost everything we must speculate about how successful the very first land vehicles Chapter two will be.


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