Fortnite Season 4 “God Mode” glitch makes players invincible

Fortnite Season 4 God Mode glitch makes players invincible

Fortnite Season 4 God Mode glitch makes players invincible

Fortnite Season 4 introduced us a new new motif and meta that helped revitalize a comparatively stagnant chapter. Obviously, the brand new season did not establish bug-free. You would be hard pressed to locate any video game which releases a significant patch with no difficulties.

To Epic’s charge, but the bugs in Fortnite Season 4 are nearly all beneath the surface. To put it differently, there is a really small possibility you’ll activate at least one of these bugs by injury. You would need to be looking for an exploit to trigger these game-breaking issues.

There is one special bug in Fortnite that is a bit too strong to keep in the sport for a long time. We have observed this in Fortnite earlier, and we’ve got yet another one for Fortnite Season 4.

Unlike comparable glitches from different seasons, but this bug is much less useful as it may seem. Glitch King — among those YouTubers to showcase that the insect — begins his movie by writing,”This really is among the very broken glitches. It’s [sp] been outside for at least 3 times and didn’t get patched!” This announcement is hyperbolic, however, since with the glitch compels you to stand in position.


We have seen similar glitches for this one, earlier. To perform it, all you have to do is locate a haystack and deliver it . Now, jump to the pile out of a couple of floors above and take it directly before entering making it vanish. Ensure you’ve got a car beside you, since you’ll now just have the ability to proceed while driving the automobile.

As you can see, that this glitch is not as useful since Glitch King makes it sound. It’s true, you are resistant to enemy fire, however maybe not to storm damage. If you do not have a vehicle, you’re stuck in 1 place and will eventually perish. Glitch King also stipulates the flying capability that occurs if somebody destroys your vehicle. What he does not mention is you will continue to fly till you arrive at the storm ceiling and then perish.

This glitch seems to be an intriguing approach to freak people out but not a fantastic way to win. You are likely better off enjoying a standard match instead of standing at one place — not able to proceed without the support of a local vehicle or chopper that somebody may easily ruin.

The glitch will probably get fixed but does not appear to cause a lot of problem in-game. We do not feel this one will probably be ban-worthy, but finish the glitch in your own risk. Again, you’re probably going to have a better chance at actually winning in the event you play with the standard match.

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