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Fortnite spaceship crash site and Ancient Astronaut challenges leaked

Fortnite spaceship crash site and Ancient Astronaut challenges leaked


Fortnite spaceship crash site and Ancient Astronaut challenges leaked

Fortnite v13.30 launched today, July 21. Most enthusiasts expected to find new automobiles enter the match, but they have yet to be published in the time of composing. Rather, we have seen updates to gasoline channels as well as the gas mechanics together with a couple flows that point to forthcoming changes.

This spaceship was piloted by a character called the”Ancient Astronaut,” that will undoubtedly come to be a skin sooner or later. The POI is now underwater, but information miner FortTory dried out it to provide us a glimpse of the way the new place will appear.

This new place does not seem like it’ll be a hub of participant action — at least, in its existing condition. There does not appear to be many torso spawns around this place. On the contrary, it appears similar to a lore/challenge POI which is going to be going into the match once the water levels reduced.


We are going to have to discover the boat, collect a lost component, install the lost component, and start or halt the initiation of the ship.

The contradictory objectives point to a potential LTM between this boat; unless gamers start to observe a destabilization once they start the start sequence. We are going to have to wait and see what all this means.

Our initial thought upon seeing this boat takes us straight back to The Visitor. The boat may differ, however, the objective of this Ancient Alien might have been the same. This Astronaut could be one of the Seven — attempting to split the loop from interior of the Apollo world (denying the map is termed Apollo?)

In any event, we anticipate this boat to get a substantial Fortnite lore consequences. It appears too dull to drop it in the world without linking it into the general narrative. We’ll keep you posted if this POI shows itself and also the challenges go live. Until then, we could only speculate.

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