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Fortnite top player shows the best technique

Fortnite top player shows the best technique

Fortnite top player shows the best technique

The gold version of Agent Peely is among the favorite themes in Fortnite Season two. Individuals who began in level one — without a tier or XP buys — would should grind-out 29.5 million XP so as to achieve the levels 350 to get a fully-golden Agent Peely.
For many players, this is totally unattainable. Even after you finish all the challenges, punch cards, and daily challenges, you ought to make 15.9 million XP through your ordinary Fortnite games — a mark hardly any individuals would come close to hitting on.


1 Fortnite participant broke down everything into a picture, allowing players know the very best way to bring in XP in Fortnite and unlock the elusive gold Agent Peely.


As you can probably imagine, playing ordinary Fortnite matches is not going to reduce it. Should you perform for the win, then you will have to play with an estimated 19.36 hours daily — assuming you began at the start of the season.



Play this game to get loot, kills, and XP and you will have the ability to unlock Agent Peely following 3.86 hours every day. The mathematics was finished and graphed by Reddit consumer


Obviously, those hours-per-day breakdowns assume that you’re proficient at Fortnite and perform daily. Otherwise, it is going to take you a great deal more.


Most players expect that Epic temper the XP demands next season. They assured us”more enjoyable, less grind” with this particular Battle Pass — that is true when you merely wish to reach level 100. Completionists understand it isn’t as straightforward as that.

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