Fortnite v13.30: what to expect

Fortnite v13.30: what to expect

Fortnite v13.30: what to expect

We are writing this until the patch was declared, but it is still our very best guess. Obviously, we will update this article if our forecast ends up being erroneous. In any event, here is what we’re hoping from this v13.30 patch.

Bug Fixes

Bug fixes are almost a weekly event in Fortnite. New stains attract new bugs together, as players find the ever-evolving landscape of topics inside the sport. There appear to be more bugs than in Fortnite, right today, but virtually all them are recorded as”exploring” about the Fortnite Community Issues Trello Board.

This designation implies that these bugs are probably at least one or 2 weeks away from becoming fixed. Hopefully, using an upgrade imminent, this will not be the situation.

Water Amount

We will likely find the water amount goes down, yet , when the upgrade is introduced. Recently, we heard that cars were put to put in Fortnite on July 21. If Epic need the streets to be apparent, then we are likely to require a weekly lowering of the water amounts.


We might see some escapes for this new patch, so there to the way the map will appear when the water levels return. This ought to be the last recession before automobiles are added — should they come to Fortnite online program.

Dragon Shotgun

1 thing which we likely won’t notice in this patch is that the Dragon Shotgun. We heard about this weapon coming into Fortnite a few weeks before, but it still looked far away from becoming published.

A brand new shotgun would be amazing to play , but we are not hoping to see it for another two or update. Nonetheless, it’s well worth mentioning, since it’s a chance that it comes from v13.30.


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