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Fortnite’s new Mythic item is a perfect counter to sharks

Fortnites new Mythic item is a perfect counter to sharks

Fortnites new Mythic item is a perfect counter to sharks

If you’re anywhere close to water, even occasionally on property, they could come diving with these enormous old teeth revealing.

Grab yourself in their own jaw and it may be game over, thus understanding what to do if you experience one is quite vital for survival. After all, who wants to invest the entire game working their way to the circle simply to get eaten at the endgame? Not a lot of players, certainly.

It is really possible to journey sharks in Fortnite, however it is a dangerous game.

On September 6, Reddit consumer u/cobragrad17 showed off what seems to be the ideal means of killing them and it is super simple to perform.


Using only 1 thing, that’s the Mystical Bomb located at Doom’s DomainName, you may knock them directly into the water and then send them on their own way.

The Mythic Thing itself is just one of a sort, meaning it is not necessarily easy to get. There is usually quite a little rivalry to receive it also.

To catch one, you want to remove Doctor Doom in Doom’s DomainName, and he is guarded by some henchmen. If you are trying for this, make sure you keep a look out because of his reinforcements. Getting outnumbered is a nightmare, particularly once you believe that Doc has greater a HP pub than a normal enemy.

Catch one and you are gold for the remainder of the match, however. As soon as you’ve got you, simply hit on a shark using the ball and it’ll send them flying off as the movie shows.


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