Ghost of Tsushima Horses: Which Horse Should You Pick?

Ghost of Tsushima Horses Which Horse Should You Pick

Ghost of Tsushima Horses Which Horse Should You Pick?

Ghost of Tsushima horses is an option you will make early in the match. You need to select one to be the title of your trusty steed. Which one should you select?

Soon after the opening scene, then you will be given the option of 3 horses, all a different colour.

After picking the colour of the horse, the game enables you to name it. It appears to make a huge deal from this horse’s title, as they interpret the Japanese for you. It might have you think that your selection things for gameplay, but it is completely aesthetic.


The only real thing the choice affects is that the title which Jin calls out. They do the exact same thing in-game. It is going to also influence some of this dialogue in cutscenes, but it is simply exactly what the horse’s title is.

It is still a significant choice, as your horse will probably be together with you for the whole sport and functions as your principal method of traveling . Decide on the mix that talks to you, since you are going to be hearing Jin call to your horse a good deal.

Ghost of Tsushima is outside today exclusively for PS4.

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