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Ghost of Tsushima’s Japanese version could have some problems

Ghost of Tsushima Japanese version could have some problems


Ghost of Tsushima Japanese version could have some problems

Ghost of Tsushima releases after this month and we are getting regular information dumps as websites get their testimonials ready for as soon as the embargo lifts July 14. Now the game’s most important menu display was shown off, which could hint at some issues with the game’s Japanese localization.

Ghost of Tsushima has been mostly assembled in English and being localized to the Japan launch, because the game has been developed by Sucker Punch, an American programmer. The game’s Japanese localization may be iffy because the menu screen that we discussed previously resembles it’s a little machine translating happening.

To start with of the Kanji for New Game is at the incorrect context, together with the Kanji from the screenshot rather meaning fresh as in something which’s only recently come out. In addition they have the Kanji for Load incorrect which in the context of matches ought to be ロード instead. Japanese is a really intricate language with a powerful use of circumstance for phrasing, therefore using incorrect contexts here could indicate some machine interpretation is happening. Together with the match so close to discharge, these glaring mistakes can drop a bad light on the match real localization.


English main menu screenshot for reference:


Below you can see if you directly translate the phrase in Google Translate, it gives you the same wording that is used in the screenshot, which I repeat again is in the wrong context.

So yeah, at this stage of the game’s development these look like quite the glaring mistakes.

Ghost of Tsushima releases for the PS4 on July 17.

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