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Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Patch Notes Update 1.12

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Patch Notes Update 1.12

Ghost Of Tsushima Legends Patch Notes Update 1.12

We’ve got the entire patch notes with this upgrade on October 16.

You have to download and set up a total of 9,8 GB.

So far there aren’t any in depth patch notes. We are going to show you all of the info we learn about the brand new Legends content. This guide will be updated soon!

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends includes two-player narrative missions and four-player survival assignments, in addition to a Raid that we will launch in the weeks after launch. When you have downloaded version 1.1 of Ghost of Tsushima, then you may stop by the PlayStation Store from the PS4 to obtain a free unlock for Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, which will make it possible for you to play. Remember that an online connection and an energetic PlayStation Plus subscription is going to be asked to play with different players.

There is also a new personality in cities emerging as well! Gyozen that the Storyteller!

As soon as you have version 1.1, then you will see a new personality at various cities and places at Tsushima… Gyozen that the Storyteller! He has heard the rumors concerning the Ghost of Tsushima, however he’s a different perspective about what is really happening in his homeland. Gyozen is the writer and gatekeeper of those tales you’ll discover in Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, also if you speak to him, he will be delighted to share among his transportative stories concerning the”Ghosts.”

Talking to Gyozen will provide you access to the Ghost of Tsushima: Legends lobby, however you might also get there directly in the name menu or the pause menu… or simply by simply accepting a PSN invitation by a friend!

Yes, this really is a full-fledged multiplayer style! Following is a look at the courses coming.


In Ghost of Tsushima: Legends, you will have the ability to choose between one of four categories. Each has their own special benefits. When you begin launching of Tsushima: Legends, following a brief tutorial, you are going to select which course you would like to unlock original. Since you rank up, you are going to unlock all the remaining classes.

Besides every beginning with their very own exceptional ability, every class can unlock another ability as you advance, in addition to earning class-specific Charms and ranged firearms.

While enjoying with friends, you are able to mix and match courses however you would like, whether that is a celebration of four playing the identical course, everybody playing as a distinct course, or any mix in between.


Samurai players may run directly toward battle and remain there, sustaining their wellbeing whilst chopping down enemies right and left. When you are overwhelmed, utilize the Hachiman’s Fury ultimate assault to slash through enemies at a flurry of strikes.


As a Hunter, you are able to stand on the border of battle and snipe enemies before they see you. You might even utilize volatile arrows to slow down collections, and once the battle becomes really ferocious, the Eye of Uchitsune ultimate assault will unleash numerous arrows directly in the enemies’ heads.


Ronin players may reestablish their whole team together with the Breath of Izanami supreme ability. You may play Ronin since you would like to assist your friends… or you may do it since the Ronin course can also be able to muster a Spirit Dog. (And yes, it is possible to ABSOLUTELY pet your Spirit Dog)



Should you prefer doing huge damage with one attack, you are going to adore the Assassin. The Shadow Attack supreme assault will permit you to teleport across the battle and immediately strike enemies. If that is not intimidating , wait till you find the terrifying masks that the Assassin has to wear!

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends Story Missions are made for 2 players, and take you through Gyozen’s tales about what is actually happening in Tsushima. When you unlock greater difficulties, you’re confront new experiences, tougher opponents, bonus goals, and larger rewards.

In Survival, it is possible to team up with three additional players to fight off waves of enemies while protecting different places in Tsushima. You and your staff can trigger blessings to assist yourselves, such as”spark enemies” or”muster a Spirit Bear.” The longer you live along with the more bonus goals you finish, the more rewards you will earn!


You are going to need all of your skill, top-tier equipment, and a fantastic 4-player staff to have the ability to live in Iyo’s world! The Raid is an epic poem experience that will require exceptional communication and teamwork to conquer.

Exterior the new multplayer part, Ghost of Tsushima’s Photo Mode may even contain new updates.

Our strong Photo Mode remains present here (so long as your teammates decide in) and you’re going to have the ability to showcase all of the new masks, armor, and emotes you have earned.

For those not interested in multiplayer, the one-piece part will also be receiving new things too. There is a New Game+ as well as new Trophies to make!

If you have already conquered Ghost of Tsushima, then you will get the choice to re-embark on Jin’s Journey in New Game+. You will begin New Game+ in the launch to the open world, soon after Jin’s first confrontation with the Khan. You will continue to keep all the Techniques, Gear, and Vanity things got in a former playthrough, and trouble will probably be raised to deliver a fresh challenge (however it’s still possible to fix it down from the menu).

You will also find yourself with a new new New Game+ horse, that includes a vibrant reddish mane and one of a kind saddle. Additionally, there are brand new, exceptionally powerful Charms available that could help Jin unleash devastating attacks and might alter how that you play. You will also have the ability to unlock an extra update for your sword, bow, and armor.

We have added some fresh Trophies for enjoying with Ghost of Tsushima on New Game+, and this will appear in Another section of your Trophy list and do not rely on Ghost of Tsushima’s Platinum Card

Founded in New Game+, you will have the ability to make a new kind of blossom: the Ghost Flower. This new kind of flower can only be got in New Game+, and can be approved with a mysterious new retailer which you will see in Ariake. If you finish a Tale or action and have the reward, then you will get Ghost Flowers in its own place, so even in the event that you’ve finished JIn’s journey earlier, it is still exciting to research Tsushima once more to accumulate as numerous Ghost Flowers as possible.

You are able to swap these blossoms to get new armor dyes and other vanity equipment just located in New Game+, including considerably more elaborate layouts than those located on your initial playthrough.

As soon as you’ve installed version 1.1, you will now discover the choice to empower Armor Loadouts, which permit you to assign all of Charms and dressing table items to every armor set to quickly switch between loadouts to coincide with your playstyle and interrogate tastes.

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