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Ghost of Tsushima Stances Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Stances Guide

Ghost of Tsushima Stances Guide

Ghost of Tsushima stances are manners of combat, you will pick up as you progress through the match and watch Mongol Leaders. Here are a few the stances at Ghost of Tsushima, together with minimum spoilers.

Stances alter the combos and strikes Jin can utilize. The real inputs will be exactly the same between stances, therefore it is more important to understand that which stances work against that enemy. The various stances could be updated to learn unique moves.

Your default Stance is your Stone Stance. It is great against swordsmen such as the ones that you struggle in the start of the game.

  • Swordbreaker – Press triangle three occasions
  • Piercing Strike – Hold and launch triangle

Water Stance

The Water Stance is beneficial against protect bearing enemies. It specializes in preventing quick attacks.

Wind Stance specializes in strikes at range. This posture is successful against spear wielding enemies.

  • Spearbreaker – Press triangle three occasions
  • Typhoon Kick – haul and launch Valve

Moon Stance

Moon Stance works well against the big brute enemies. The heavy strikes and turning blows can even allow you to eliminate big boss enemies.

Ghost Stance is awarded to you after beating a specific boss at the narrative. It is more of a power-up mode, you may activate after stealth murdering an enemy boss or obtaining seven kills in a row without taking damage. Ghost Stance essentially enables you to kill enemies in 1 hit, which makes it helpful for crowd control.

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