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Battle royale

Grotto beef 2.0 Tfue Scoped and Inno dismantle ZexRow Mackwood and Calc

Grotto beef Tfue Scoped and Inno dismantle ZexRow Mackwood and Calc

Grotto beef Tfue Scoped and Inno dismantle ZexRow Mackwood and Calc

You know what they say: the sequel isn’t as great as the first. People who have been following the professional Fortnite scene will recall the last FNCS competition, in which Tfue and Scoped battled Chap and Av for control of one of.

That competition ended with Chap and Av backing away, conceding The Grotto to Tfue and Scoped. Now, the expert community is, largely, looking right past FNCS Solos toward the statement of Trios in Season 4.

The Grotto is widely known to comprise some of the best loot on the map. Heavy Snipers, Miniguns, and much more.

A number of the other experts from the area threw indirect shots at The Grotto Squad. Specifically, Zayt published a tweet that seemed to be directed in Tfue and company. Tfue responded by sub-tweeting back him,”Contest us or stop broadcasting ****in.”

The Trio were unfamiliar with landing at The Grotto in an aggressive environment — something which will become apparent when you watch the clips of their first battle.As it turns out, they did not.


The new battle seemed to create Tfue miss the old rivalry with Chap. He offered an exceptionally backhanded compliment to Chap, stating,”Chap might be f***in’ puppies *** but Grotto’s all IQ — it is all understanding. And he is smart so he could actually contest us ”

Up to this stage, you might have believed we’re being hyperbolic together with the name of the report. “Dismantles” might seem a bit harsh, but there is no other word for it.

This doesn’t appear to be a joke, either. The three of these seem to be completed — at least for now.

We will have to determine if any other pros opt to contest Tfue, Scoped, and Innocents. It is great content when they do, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed. Let’s hope the upcoming contenders are prepared for a battle.

Tfue and Scoped have been landing in The Grotto all year old. The only hope, in our eyes, seems to be the return of Chap or MrSavage in LAN — neither of which appears likely for the remainder of Season 2.


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