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GTA Online and Red Dead Online Updates Announced

GTA Online and Red Dead Online Updates Announced

GTA Online and Red Dead Online Updates Announced

Rockstar announces two new Upgrades, for GTA Online and Read Dead Online. These can be printed in the forthcoming weeks.

GTA Online hasn’t got an upgrade for quite a very long time, the previous area 1.49 (PS4 1.33) premiered in December 2020. Rockstar has announced a significant summer upgrade is determined by the way, the forthcoming GTA Online Update 1.34 / 1.50 will include new content. The content consists of new places and fresh raids.


There’s absolutely no advice when exactly the upgrade will be published.

The Previous Red Dead Online Update premiered in March 2020. The RDR2 Update 1.19 just brought bug fixes and enhancements. Rockstar is currently announcing Red Dead Online Update 1.20, that needs to be published on July 28th.

The RDR2 Update 1.20 must be quite extensive, there’ll be a brand new brand pass and fresh content will be included.

So Tuesday is Red Dead Online Patch Day, so be ready to download some gigabytes! When Rockstar releases the patch notes, then we’ll make them accessible for you.


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