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Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Hellpoint Patch Notes Update 1.04

Cradle Games now released a brand new upgrade for Hell point. We’ll have all the information regarding this patch on August 24th.

The Hellpoint Xbox One Update 1.04 / is currently available for downloading. The upgrade includes many bug fixes, like the issue with internet multiplayer on Xbox.

This upgrade was just introduced for Xbox One and PS4! Cradle Games has up to now printed all upgrades separately for the various platform.

  • Fixed the softlock from the Sentient battle cinematic (black screen)
  • Fixed the problem with enemies with vacant wellbeing bars while being alive in co-op style
  • Fixed the visitor getting”invisible strikes” from the co-op manner
  • The sponsor may now kick the guest in co-op manner with the”Disconnect” option in the Internet tab
  • a Great Deal of things can now be dismantled
  • Fixed the Ghost using too strong stats from New Game +
  • Fixed items Which Weren’t available
  • Fixed Nemundis’ revive choice from the council
  • An effort to fix the ghost bending itself from strafing or dodging
  • Fixed Celestial Beast not functioning correctly as”tinyBeast” pet
  • Additional game variant screen to the main menu
  • Added the”Amount of detail” alternative to the .config document (the file is found here:%userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\Cradle Games\Hellpoint)
  • Performance optimization on FX and interactive items
  • Fixed Interface with an”exploitable” floor layout
  • Fixed Interface laser being obstructed with its arms
  • Fixed Interface laser coping one-shot damage Rather than damage over the years
  • Additional a floating platform into the Sentient combat (co-op)
  • Fixed the quest reward for Ozyormy Goija, inserted a missing catalyst into the entire world
  • Tweaked that the”wall” shooting mode of this Channelers
  • Changed when the Council opens Nemundis’ gate when turning 150% pursuit so it will not remain closed
  • Fixed a stuck Horde at Arisen Palace
  • Online sample rate is currently 30 rather than 100, which should avoid buffer overflow
  • Fixed a Ring Puzzle fog gate not opening correctly
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Omnicube Transposition
  • Clamped the power price decrease from the Firearm Conductor
  • Improved the Dagger and Shard hitbox reach
  • Tweaked a few Twitch integration vote alternatives
  • Optimized the primary processor cost of this axion impacts
  • Online multiplayer on Xbox One was mended
  • Fixed the falling frame speed issue
  • Things no longer evaporate from the stock
  • players whose things vanished in their inventories today can reunite . Formerly lost keys, omnicubes, apps, patterns and recovery items are returned to your inventory when you pay a visit to the amount they had been previously discharged in.
    Example: you discovered a secret at Sohn District and it vanished out of your stock. When you input Sohn District back, this key will be automatically added to a back pack. Regrettably, weapons, armor and consumables (such as upgrade processors ) can’t be retrieved.
  • Fixed a problem were that the omnicube may be unequipped
  • Fixed the next swing of the Victim’s Poker not performing any harm
  • Fixed the Shield Charge (to do it, Increase Your shield and rush with an enemy while still holding the Sprint button)
  • Reduced the Amount of rescue connections together with all the cloud
  • Fixed a scenario where armor Wouldn’t work at its fullest if its minimal requirements are provided by a body or brain module (this involves a Particular spacesuit not functioning in distance )
  • Fixed Numerous loot items being imperceptible
  • Fixed switches which connect Alma Mater into the Construction where they may be utilized just once
  • Fixed a display issue where dismantling things would reveal pretty bonkers worth
  • Automatically equip the omnicube for Men and Women who unequipped it and could not return back
  • Fixed the harm cone of Unique shotguns’ shooting mode
  • Fixed the melee assault of this Daemon Cannon weapon
  • Tweaking of this Sentient
  • Additional feedback to the main menu Once the match is synchronizing using all the cloud
  • Additional timeout into the synchronization when the blur is too thick
  • Optimized Lots of calls involving the cloud
  • Fixed the substance stencil about the Artillery weapon
  • Fixed the amounts displayed from the Weapon Editor
  • Fixed the participant not holding heavy weapons onto his shoulder
  • Fixed the outro picture of this hard-mode Sentient
  • Fixed the Radiation recovery so it would eliminate the damage over time result
  • Possible fix for the Ghost which keeps walking straight back into a wall
  • Removed and changed the time of servers asks
  • Fixed firearms and catalysts in the Internet multiplayer
  • Fixed omnicube replication in the Internet multiplayer
  • Fixed a crash occurring when two strikes were being implemented at the Exact Same time when playing in Internet co-op
  • Fixed a Possible lock up when attacking with a melee weapon and a firearm at the Exact Same time
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